Patriotism or grand scheme to steal – UDA allied Lawyer cast doubt on CAS shortlist.

The United Democratic Alliance lawyer Ahmendnasir Abdullahi has casted down in the list of shortlisted CAS in President William Samoe Ruto’s Gov’t.

In a statement via his Twitter post, Abdullahi wonder if the list is a grant scheme to steal from the public.

Blogger Dennis Itumbi, former nominated senator millicent omanga are among those shortlist.

Reacting to the list, the lawyer posted.

The Narok senator Ledama Olekina reacted saying “It’s their time to eat … let them rob and rape the country! Soon we will ask the main “shareholder” to parade the victors so that we can avoid them …”

Calvin Okoth agrees with the lawyer saying “Of course it is part of the grand scheme to steal. A gov’t that complains of being in financial doldrums wouldn’t be quick to create unconstitutional offices for cronies if there is no ulterior motive behind it. Anyway they invested, it’s their time to reap from their investment.”

Source told the Nairobi Independent that the Government should shelve the appointment of CASs & instead absorb the 4000 unemployed doctors, post them in the counties to provide health services to the hustlers.

“Cost of keeping a CAS is more than Ksh.2.5m pm. This is enough to employ 10 doctors at a salary of Ksh. 250k pm.”

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