NPS speaks on video footage of intoxicated police harassing, threatening the public.

The National Police Service has come out to condemn a police officer who appeared intoxicated and harassing the public.

In a press release signed by Japheth Koome, the Inspector General of police National Police Service (NPS) it’s attention has been drawn to an online video depicting a Police Officer harassing and threatening a member of public while armed and appearing intoxicated.

“As a Service, we are gravely concerned by, and strongly condemns, the misconduct displayed by the Officer. It should be clear that NPS shall not condone or protect any Officer found engaging in abuse of his/her powers and/or privileges, or any other action
that can bring disrepute to the image of the Police.” a statement from NPS read in part.

NPS says most of its Officers are patriotic to Country, and remain steadfast and committed to serve and to protect.

“We regret the incident and reiterate that the behaviour exhibited by the said Officer does not reflect the core values of NPS, more so during this reform period where we are focused on, and commitment to fostering and promoting good police-community relations, as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya.” it adds.

It further adds “Finally, we wish to inform the public that the Officer has since been identified, and the
incident is currently being reviewed for appropriate internal disciplinary action.”

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