NHIF staff Lillian Waithera, 46, was assassinated – Human Right Watch says.

Human Rights Watch says NHIF staff Lilian Waithera who died on Monday was assassinated.

Waithera was a whistleblower in Kshs 1Bn NHIF scandal that implicated Geoffrey Mwangi, who was reinstated by president Ruto.

In a letter to Interior CS, DC, ODPP, EACC and the Judiciary, Human Rights Watch group says it has received damning reports of the assasination of Ms Lillian Waithera 46, who, at a time of her untimely death, was a staff at the NHIF beadquarters in Nnirobi, Kenya on Monday,.13th February 2023

“Our preliminary investigations have since established that Ms Waithera was a whistleblower in a Ksh I billion
fraud case that inplicated Mt Geoffey Mwangi. NHIF’s former CEO.” The letter by Laura Piter read.

The Human Rights watch says it is deeply concemed about the recent reinstatement of Mr Mwangi as the NHIF CEO after a court clearance process that appears doctored.

It is through that triangulation that the HRW is convinced that Mr Mwangi has had a hand in the execution and stubsequent murder of Ms Lillian Waithera.

HRW will officially further says it will lodge a complaint to the Office of the DPP to have a file opened in the quest to have Lillian Waitbera’s family get justice.

“It is painful that Kenya a country that believes in the nule of law would allow
such an extra jadicial killing in broad daylight”

“We bope that the relevant anus have taken note of our interest in the matter and will serve justice to Ms Lillia

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