Kagamega senator over the moon after joining hustler fund bandwagon.

The Kagamega senator Hon Boniface Khalwale is the currently the happiest man in town after joining hustler fund bandwagon.

In a statement on his Twitter post, the senator detailed that he has successfully joined the hustler fund family.

He says he is the proud owner of hustler account with a sum of sh475 and sh25 saving.

“This afternoon, I’m pleased to have successfully joined the Hustler Fund family. Am now a proud account holder, complete with Sh.475 credit and Sh.25 in my savings.” said Khalwale.

Khalwale shared a caption of the message from hustler financial partners.

“Dear Customer, your Hustler Fund
loan request of KES500.00 is successful. KES25.00 has been sent to Savings scheme. Due date is in 14 days.” The message read.

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