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Friday, 20 August 2021

Photos of Omosh Second wife he is living with in house Kenyans build as his first wife Mrs Ngatia Wallows in poverty.

Former Tahidi High actor, Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh, is among the polygamous Kenyan celebrities.

Omosh revealed in a recent interview on Radio Jambo that he is married to two wives who have stuck with him through thick and thin even when he went broke and sunk into alcoholism.

His first wife is the famous Miss Ngatia, a popular actress in Tahidi High.

While Miss Ngatia is known by many Kenyans, his second wife is not in the limelight and so, most people have been yearning to see her.

Miss Ngatia today pleaded to Kenyans to help her also build a house,house Kenya build for omosh was occupied by second wife and children

The actor introduced his second wife, Mumbi, over the weekend during the ground-breaking of his new home in Malaa in the outskirts of Nairobi that is being built by a local real estate company called Zero to Hero.

While introducing his second wife to officials from Zero to Hero, Omosh said, “This is my wife. I have been waiting for her ndio amefika. She is a motivational speaker. She talks to over 1500 students and 30 teachers at a go. I wonder why she feels shy now to speak,”.

Mumbi then introduced herself and thanked officials from the real estate company for helping her husband.

“I am called Shanty Mumbi. I’m the second wife to Omosh. I am happy with how you are helping and God bless you,” she said.

Check out her photos.

Via The Kenyan DAILY POST

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