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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

What Alfred Mutua first Wife cried and said after Mutua kicked her out of her Matrimonial home That left Kenyans crying

Alfred mutua kicked out his first Wife to marry Lilian Nganga Who recently divorced him.

Detective Jane Mugoh has advised partners who find themselves in relationships with several parties to respect each other, regardless of their position. 
The detective explained that she was offering advice drawing from the hands-on experience she has gathered over the 22 years she has been in active practice. 
Mugo goes ahead to say that having been a detective for 22 years, she has learnt not to attack or judge people harshly, but knows that it is prudent for respect to always prevail even in love triangles. 

"Men, when you get a side chick or second wife, respect your first wives, and second wives respect the main wives,"she advises. 
She prevailed upon second wives to demand equal rights to be introduced and respected as they privately play maior roles some first wives.
Mugo gives an example of cases she's witnessed where men fed their first wives using money given or invested by second wives and vice versa. 
"When you are dating secretly you don't speak, so why do you speak when things turn sour?" the detective questioned. 

Mugo opined that people should treat each other the way they too would want to be treated if they were in the same position. 
Jane Mugo remembered Alfred Mutua's wife's last words before she left for the country some time back. 

According to her, Josephine Thitu cried at the airport and told her "Jane, ya dunia ni hapa" before she embarked on a long journey to a foreign country to start a fresh life, with a severely broken heart, failed marriage, and children to look after. 
For three days running, mainstream and social media has been awash with stories and follow-up stories of the highly publicized breakup. It started when the former First Lady of Machakos county revealed on social media that the once enviable pair had chosen to go separate ways.

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