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Saturday, 10 April 2021

I have touched your body 15 times to confirm, Nairobi man emotional message after wife passed on

A Nairobi man has shared an emotional message after his wife passed on.
It seems he truly loved her and he was very heartbroken when she passed on.
Here is the emotional message from Sam mkenya.
"She was So pretty,from Inside... The rest are her complementary
She was charming,jovial ever smiling even on tough times,she was easy going,she is Mad now,2 minutes later she's Jovial. For the 10years I have lived with her,There has never been a dull moments with her. She was everyone's Love,from Being her Granddaddy Favourite girl to her friends preferred company.
Youve hurt everyone,I can't fathom that you will nolonger come back. I touched you yesterday for the 15th time to confirm, I felt you were already turning cold,I touched your cheek,i was so hopefull that you will change your mind and open your eyes,but you didn't ,Your pretty smile had already vanished,I turned you,you were heavy and didn't even supported yourself. I couldn't hold my tears,I almost fainted,but I didn't give up. I'm coming again today,I know you might change your mind.
Remember we have unfinished business,All your home decor and furniture we were planning to go pay Last Saturday? the shopping we did that friday after clinic appointment? The salon appointment you had for tommorow is still on,No one has cancelled it. Your expensive hair extensions are still here with me. Baby you are going nowhere. Your baby girl is still here looking for you,she too knows youre playing hide and seek on her."
It seems they had great plans to travel and they were in process to get passports.
Here is the continuation of the sad tribute by Sam mkenya to wife
"Your passport at Nyayo house will be ready this week. I will still go on and book our planned vacay,. Our plans will not change.. No way..
The struggles,the highs and lows we've gone through,your patience with me,your loyalty,the dreams we had together,YOUR strong faith on me,All the dreams and promises i had and made for you,our wedding,Our plans are still intact,it cant go down the drain Just like that. You know me soo well,that I dont give up easily, I won't give up on you,I will persist.
The goods meals you ussualy cook,your organised life,your simple lifestyle,I love it,No one does better than you. I won't take any better offer from any one apart from you. You're a blessing to me,youre my hope,I have all my bets on you.
It's not Over untill its OVER."
I cried after reading this story,this is the saddest story have read this year.
May sam mkenya find peace

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