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Monday, 22 February 2021

Nick Ruto:The billionaire with No Job History


 We can confidently assume that young Ruto has never stepped in a courtroom to represent a client, meaning he is yet to get his first salary.

Nick Ruto is still stinking rich despite lack of a job or any history to do with work. The internet was awash with reports that EACC had frozen his accounts on 1st April.
Roy Odhiambo
So Deputy President son NICK RUTO's bank account has been frozen..
Denied to do any transaction, transferring money to any account.His account amounts Ksh 824M now.@EACCKenya found Ksh 671M in his account deposited.
Arror & Kimwarer Dam scandal 👌

Nick Ruto.

Son of Deputy President William Ruto.

NO Job Experience.

NO Industry Experience.

NO VC capital raised.

NO known IPO or Acquisitions.

Personal bank savings accounts found by EACC to be in excess of 1.1 BILLION KShs under his known aliases.

Kenya for you.
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