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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Fresh Details :Why 38 year old business Woman Caroline Maina was murdered by her close friends

 Mercy alikuwa anarushia Caro tenders..... A particular tender of 2M ya KPLC ikaiva and Mercy demanded her Cut. She even threatened to anika her we tuma Salaams. Then the following day Caro disappeared.

* Mercy's phone signal was traced at Stima Plaza and Kawangware. Mercy allegedly has a Day care in Kawangware. Si Gari moja ilipatkana Kawangware.

* Another lady says Mercy was in Embu that day but its alleged she was picked by DCI at her friend's house in Langata. Hher ohone signals ilimkula.

* Its alleged Mercy was involved with these Kilimani wash wash boys who were paid to Murder Caro.

* Kuna mwingine ananiambia Caro's ex bf was involved in the Murder.

Twists and turns zitakuwa mob but hao wameshikwa wanaongea kuongea.

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