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Saturday, 31 October 2020




Nothing is for free in this world,this is not just a phrase but a reality in the music industry. Getting airplay is not as easy to upcoming artists. Many especially female uprising artists have had to pay with their p*ssy to get their music played on radio or TV. This is the dirty business going on that you wont be told anywhere else.

The VJs,DJs and music show hosts are extorting young talents,people bring in their music to the stations in thousands,giving these people loopholes to manipulate the young stars. It is a dark secret that no one is ready or willing to tell you but several sources reveals to Kenya Scandals that for one to get airplay,for ladies you give p*ssy for men you pay money or if you get a faggot like Ian Mugoya you pay with your a**. Making it to the industry is never that easy and you have to be fucked endlessly to make it to the top.

We will deal with all the major music show hosts in the music industry including DJs who are exploiting young upcoming talents trying to make it in the industry. At Kenya Scandals we are nobody's mama so fuck your feelings in advance. Top of the table. WILLY M TUVA He calls himself Mzazi,as always we give credits where its due,this man has single handedly revolutionized the Kenyan Music industry by slotting in local contents,Mambo Mseto which he hosts on Citizen Fm and channeled to exposing local talents is a brilliant idea,it even now runs on TV,with it being the most watched tv music station in the region. Being on Mambo Mseto is every local artists dream,its like being on 106&Park in the US,you are guaranteed to reach millions of audience.

His idea of local music has been emulated across all TV stations around. On promoting local talents,He WINS and at this noble point we end the ass kissery section on to the business of the day. With the picture he gives,nobody would expect this man who is married and with kids to sexually exploit female artists for airply,again sometimes the females just throw themselves at him. Here's a verified list of ladies he has Tuvad

1. SIZE 8

She sits on top of this table because she nearly broke Willy's marriage,by tgen she was secular artist and aliwaka moto not only her music was on fire but her vagina as well. She used to give it to him in excess not like relief food but again you cant blamezazi,that mami is hot and looks like sex so he hammered her to senses and decided to retire from whoredom to marriage with DJ Mo,mwanaume ni kula bakshishi.


If you know of Mambo Mseto then you should know of campus tour,whenever it goes this lady never misses,mzazi alimuokota when her career was struggling,she gave the tail to Mzazi to nurture and boy he did it well,again she came to her senses and found a Zulu millionaire,she is taking that nox to South Africa.


She was once signed to Calif Records,hot talented young lady,who left her home in Nakuru and used to sleep in the floor at the Calif studios,she didnt have a home. Mdogo mdogo she was rising,Mzazi again was on the reCieving end,of the ass that is and gave her several shows,less is known of what happened to her but snitches indicates to Kenya Scandals that she was last spotted and looked pregnant.


This is a confused one,she was being chips fungwad by Embakassi MP and ninja went in on her box,she later said oh ati she didn't know the man was married like wtf? Mustafa belted the nuts out of her cells indeed. Now a snitch reveals to Kenya Scandals that one time during a show they went together with Willy,she got so drunk in Eldoret and both went to sleep you know what sleep means. Again this one does not only have hot looks,but her walls hotter.


This mama is hot like whoa and talented like no doubt,for those who don't know her she is a congolese,studying in USIU where here whore hormones emanates,she did a song Mobimba with P-Unit and another song mpita njia with Uganda's Juliana. She is the new heartthrob,but its not only that which is throbbing but her vagina as well. The list could go on and on but lets save his face and leave it at that. Now here at Kenya Scandals we don't discriminate and will take on anybody,you never know who is next. As we said earlier,all the TV men fucking young girls for fame will be exposed here. Today we revealed the famous,next you never know. As always,Kenya Scandals says it as it is and you can take it as you wish to. Catch you on the NEXT

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