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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Details and Photos of Nadia Mukami Boyfriend


Nadia Mukami has for the first time revealed how she got dumped by her first lover and how bad it felt.

Recently, sassy songbird Nadia Mukami opened up on a previous relationship that messed her up for a while. During a question and answer segment in a local TV station, Nadia revealed that she got dumped by her previous boyfriend called Eric Munene over a light-skinned lady.

Disclosing the details, the Radio Love hitmaker pointed out that she was still a third year university student and the experience was quite painful.

“I was a third year in campus, from my first boyfriend. Eric Munene I made it. I got dumped over some light-skinned but I made it,” said Nadia.

Sleepless Nights..

The 2019 PMVA award winner went ahead to stress that she cried and had sleepless nights as she thought the boyfriend was Mr Right and would put a ring on it.

“It was painful, I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I was crying. I thought that he was the guy who was going to marry me but he didn’t marry me.”

“Here I am, I made it.”

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Nadia Mukami reveals she secretly loves American rapper J.Cole


Nadia was also asked to name a celebrity she would like to get intimate with, and without thinking twice she went for American rapper J.Cole.

I mean I am already dating him but he doesn’t know. J.Cole I have said it a million times. He’s my baby daddy, we don’t have kids yet. He’s my husband, we are not married. He doesn’t know me. He has a wife but…J.Cole.”

On February 20th 2020, Nadia continued to stress how much she is into the Cant Get Enough rapper by writing a poem for him.

One week ago, the singer dismissed rumours that she is taken or engaged despite advances from smitten men.

I find people putting my picture on their profile. Putting me on their status, Instagram, Facebook, saying am their girlfriend. Until I have posted someone, don’t believe anything.”


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