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Monday, 25 November 2019

See the kind of money the under-age girls made per day working in Former CS RASHID ECHESA’s brothel in Ruaka…kweli Umalaya ina pesa!

A group of under-age girls were arrested on Tuesday at around 4PM after police raided an apartment in Ruaka, where they have been engaging in prostitution for close to a year.
Officers attached to the Karuri DCI posed as clients and accessed the 3 bedroom apartment  located in the 7th floor of a  residential  building  where they found 10 skimpily dressed under-age  girls locked in the house.
Some were caught red handed in bed servicing their clients.
The officers were led to the brothel by a 44 year old man believed to be the manager after they posed as clients.
After accessing the brothel that is located in a residential apartment and which is believed to be run by former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, they introduced themselves and started an operation that shocked neighbours who had no idea that the house was being used for prostitution.
A form two student who had disappeared from a secondary school two months ago was among the teenage girls who were arrested during the swoop.
She was recruited to the trade by a close friend who promised her good money.
She was led to the lavish apartment where she was promised Sh 10,000 every day.
Her official job title was masseuse but when she started the work, reality dawned on her that she had been introduced to high end prostitution but the money was too tempting.
The under-age girl revealed that she received between Sh 5,000 and Sh 10,000 daily for her services when she started working.
However, the contract was revised two weeks later and she started receiving 25 percent of the payment while 75 percent went to the operators.
She told investigators that during her stay in the secret brothel that is located in a residential apartment, she would entertain close to 10 men daily.
At times, she visited the homes of her clients to service them at their comfort of their houses.
She revealed that food and alcohol is in plenty inside the brothel that is located 200 metres from Ruaka town.
The recruiters have been targeting under-age girls from high schools around Kiambu.

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