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Sunday, 24 November 2019

kdf recruitment 2019 dates and centres and requirements

KDF recruitment 2019/2020


By tuko news
Members of the Parliamentary Defense and Foreign Relations Committee were very concerned about the changing of recruitment centres from sub-county levels to county headquarters. In a closed-door sitting, the members clashed with Defense Cabinet Secretary, Raychelle Omamo over what they felt were unfair terms to their people.
The government had opted for the county headquarters as the ideal point for the recruitment exercise, but this didn’t sit well with MPs. It prompted the state department to reevaluate their options and settle on a better date, and one that would allow them to figure out new centres at the sub-county level. MPs had insisted that the exercise had over the years taken place at the sub-county level, and there was no need for change.
The exercise seeks to recruit 3000 personnel into the defense forces. There are fears of massive corruption this year as well. The competitive nature of this exercise has seen Kenyans from different walks of life get conned of their hard-earned money, in the name of getting favour with the bosses. The ministry warns that all involved in the malpractice will face the full force of law once caught. Thus people should desist from giving any bribes.

KDF recruitment dates and centres

There was a change from the county headquarters to new sub-county level centres. So where will interested persons go for the recruitment exercise? Well, following the announcement by the ministry, all prospective persons will have to report to their respective sub-county headquarters on the respective dates.
Furthermore, the recruitment of specialist officers, cadets, general service officers tradesmen and women will be done through writing to the defense headquarters. Shortlisted candidates will be announced through the local dailies and in other relevant print media.

Recruitment dates for KDF 2019

New dates have also been announced by the ministry. Each category has been shifted to a later date where they will apply and receive their confirmation. Here are the recruitments dates for various positions:

GSO - cadets, servicemen and women, specialist officers

Dates: November 7 to November 16, 2019
Recruitment for this category will be done as of November 7 to November 16. Those shortlisted for the various positions will after that be notified through the local.

General duty recruits and defence forces constables

Dates: From November 27 to December 16, 2019
The exercise which was slotted for October has now shifted to a later date. From November 27 to December 16, all prospective applicants will be expected to appear at their respective sub-county headquarters for the recruitment exercise.

Other KDF recruitment news

In the latest news, KDF has set new dates for the exercise. Those applying for the positions of general service officers, cadets, specialist officers, tradesmen and women, will have to apply again. The applications will include the new dates as specified.
All the communication regarding the exercise plus shortlisting of candidates will be through the newspapers. It is to clear any rumours that some will be notified through direct mail or call from the headquarters.
All applicants are required to desist from any scrupulous activities such as bribing to be selected among others. Any corruption incidences will see the perpetrators prosecuted according to the laws of Kenya.
All general duty recruits and defense forces constables will be expected at their respective sub-county headquarters and not county headquarters as earlier announced.

KDF recruitment requirements

Different categories have their requirements for those applying. All potential candidates must meet the following requirements to be shortlisted:

Servicemen/ women, tradesmen/women, and constables

To successfully compete against all prospective applicants, those interested are expected to carry with them:
  • Their current original national identity card
  • Bring all academic qualification certificates and other relevant testimonials.
  • Scanned documents, photocopies or police abstracts will not be accepted.
  • An applicant must be a Kenya citizen. Those with dual citizenship will not be accepted.
  • An applicant must have their original and valid national identity card.
  • An applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 26 years.
  • Applicants must have no criminal record.
  • Applicants must meet the KDF physical and medical fitness criteria.
  • The minimum height is 1.60 meters in height or 5ft 3in, 1.52 meters or 5ft for men and women respectively.
  • The minimum weight for men 54.55kg is while women is 50 kg
  • The minimum score in KCSE for all applicants should be a D (plain).
  • Female applicants should not be pregnant at the time of recruitment and during the training period.


  • Must have a minimum of C (plain) in their KCSE.
  • Applicant must be a holder of a relevant diploma or higher diploma from a recognized institution.
  • Be registered with the relevant statutory body where applicable.


  • Applicants must have a minimum grade of D+ (plus) in KCSE.
  • Holder of a relevant certificate with Government Trade Test Grade II
  • Or hold a Craft II certificate from a recognized institution.


  • All applicants must be Kenyan citizens and holder of a national identity card.
  • Be an ex-KDF service member of ex-NYS.
  • Be aged between 30 and 35 years for ex-KDFs and 35-45 years for ex-NYS.
  • Possess and discharge certificate with a minimum conduct score of ‘Very Good.’
  • Should have served at least nine years for ex-KDF colour service
  • Should have no criminal record in their name.
  • Female applicants should NOT be pregnant both at the time of recruitment and during training.
All applicants are required to send their applications before the respective deadlines. Their written letters should be accompanied by clear photocopies of their academic certificates and valid national Identity cards.
KDF recruitment 2019 has been marked by different reactions. There was a change in dates and recruitment venues after protests from MPS and other stakeholders regarding the shift of recruitment centres. Eventually, the ministry through its deputy director of public communications has announced that changes have been made. Potential candidates are required to reconfirm the application dates and recruitment dates as well as the new centres according to recommendations from the parliamentary committee. We wish all the best to applicants.
Below are recruitment centers you can also download PDF of recruitment centres below


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