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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Untold story: Martha Karua Was married twice To powerful Men but all ended in Bitter Divorce

Martha karua is one of the longest serving politicians in Kenya.
She tried her hand in presidency in 2013 before moving to kirinyaga gubernatorial race where she lost to Anne Waigiru.
Early life 
Martha Karua, full names Martha Wangari Karua was born on 22 September 1957 in Kirinyaga County. She was the second born in a family of eight children. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Karua resided at Kimunye village at the time she was born.
Education background
She went to three primary schools namely, Kagumo primary school, Kabare boarding primary school and ST. Michael’s girls boarding primary school. For her O-level, she went to Keburia girl’s school and Ngiriambu girls’ school. She later attended Nairobi girl’s school for her A-levels education. Between 1977 to 1980, she was a student of Nairobi University for her undergraduate degree. She later went to Kenya school of law for her post graduate diploma between 1980 and 1981.
She started out as a magistrate before moving through the ranks.
She later tried her hand in politics and was elected a member of parliament.
She has served as an assistant minister and minister during Kibaki regime.
Mother karua is a mother of two .
A daughter by the name wawira and son by the Name Njoka.
Marriage and divorce 
Martha karua has openly said that she is a single mother and little is known about the baby daddy of her children.
But those who know her have revealed that she was married back in 80s. His name was Major Dr. Njoka before they broke up and under went a bitter divorce.
According to the standard she was later linked to Former Justice Minister, Martha Karua and Justice GBM Kariuki who sued karua of frustrating him after they broke up.
Photo:Former Justice Minister, Martha Karua and Justice GBM Kariuki.

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