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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Ruto is the state machinery: Ruto action when Uhuru Kenyatta as away on official duty has baffled people

This is a reminder to the anti-Ruto busy bodies ;the kenya Airforce plane is only at the disposal of the commander-in-chief who is in this case president Uhuru Kenyatta ,why is it always used by the deputy president in his kutangatanga trips.
Ruto used the same Kenya airforce plane when attending the turkana cultural festival.
It is like Uhuru Kenyatta has completely left powers to him,He has access to absolute state power when Uhuru Kenyatta is away on official duties.

This shows how much the president trusts his deputy.
Uhuru Kenyatta was away for a peace meeting in Khartoum Sudan.
Ruto having access to air force planes clearly that he has not been sidelined from the jubilee government.
Most people think that after the handshake, Rails is the closest to power but the truth is that Ruto is far much ahead of him.
Raila cannot be allowed near the Kenya air force planes without Uhuru Kenyatta being present.

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