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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Photos:Meet Sonko second wife

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko has never shied away from controversies. Besides making outrageous and emotion whipping remarks during political gatherings and even at press conferences, he makes bold statements elsewhere. Sonko sired his first born daughter Saumu while he was still a secondary school student, and he is proud of that achievement. The latest flashy legislator recently labeled himself the most notorious student to have ever existed in Kenya. As a teenager, he had already partaken of Eve's sumptuous fruit. Just the other day, he shaved off his signature hair style, because he wants to be in the gubernatorial race for Nairobi county come 2017. Being a "remarkable" philanthropist, senator Mbuvi Kioko (his ID names), also wants to do some massive donation too. He no longer wants to walk around with all his glimmering bling bling. He is looking for the suitable recipient to inherit them in form of a donation. Bling bling matters aside, today, Sonko is the talk of town, again! Some leaked photos of the flamboyant Nairobi senator with a new-born baby in his hands has raised eyebrows. The photos also includes a mystery woman, who is allegedly the mother to the child in the pictures. Sonko hold the new-born baby with his "second wife". Photo/COURTESY Sources have alleged that the woman is Sonko's second wife and the new-born baby is their first child together. According to , a local weekly publication, a source close to the two has alluded that Sonko has never shied away from introducing the sexy light-skinned woman as his second wife. It was also claimed that the woman in question has been keeping the pregnancy a top secret, but not until the photos of the all the three of them together surfaced. Though married with three daughters (Saumu, Salma and Sandra), another woman surfaced from Kwale county two years ago claiming that Sonko had abandoned his son, whom he had sired with her. Sonko with woman from eriteria Sonko second wife according to the standard and the star Kenya.

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