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Monday, 12 August 2019

Photos of OJ tahidi high wife and kids

It is almot 10 years since actor Dennis Mugo famously known as OJ left the Tahidi High stable
- Today, he is a film director, an actor, a father and husband
- His first born son is already going to school according to photos seen by
Dennis Mugo, popularly known as OJ from the Kenyan teen drama Tahidi High, has completely evolved into a family guy, if photos seen by are anything to go by.
It is now close to a decade since the likes of OJ and Sarah Hassan (Tanya) left our screens to explore other ventures and many could argue that the show has never been the same again.

At one time, it was rumored that OJ was flying off the handle, that he was being consumed by alcoholism.
From his latest photos, however, Mugo, who doubles up as a film director, he seems to be doing pretty well in life.
In fact, the naughty badboy we all used to know in Tahidi High show has now blossomed into a father of a school going child.
Here are some of the photos:

Feeling old yet??

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