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Friday, 2 August 2019

Photos: Kenyans shocked to see Ken Okoth Rural house,He did not built anything but lived in an apartment in Nairobi paying rent

Kenyans led by blogger alai,have questioned why ken okoth never bothered to built himself a home despite being a second time mp.
Here is what alai shared.

"An African leader must have permanent abode. You shouldn’t be an MP or MCA but calling an apartment home. I don’t mind Ken Okoth having mpango wa kando. I mind him not having home with his own gate.
In this part of the world, a leader must have a permanent abode or retirement home.
Ken lived like mtoto aliponyoka kwa condom sana. He should have had a permanent abode."
Okoth never cared about enriching himself but cared too much about the people of kibera.

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