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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Mutahi ngunyi :Uhuru does not need Ruto anymore he is only tolerating him now

Mutahi ngunyi has finally spoken about the relationship between deputy president Ruto and his boss Uhuru kenyatta.
Ruto seemed to have been sidelined more in government after the appointment of Fred matiangi to head all government projects.
Mutahi ngunyi who was speaking on  his weekly 5th estate said that Uhuru and Ruto are no longer on the same page.
He said that Ruto focus on 2022 politics last year strained his relationship with his boss Uhuru kenyatta. Ruto has been criss crossing the country under the tanga tanga movement for the better part of last year.
Ngunyi went ahead to divulge that the president did not need Ruto as much as before, and thus was only tolerating him through his last term in office.
He also said the March 9 handshake provides Uhuru kenyatta with many options for 2022.
He can endorse whoever he wants now including Nasa leader Raila Odinga.
not need Ruto. He is only tolerating him…This is painful but it is the harsh truth.” he said in his weekly political segment.
“Ruto should remember that there are no permanent friends in politics, we only permanent interests and if Uhuru’s interests change then Ruto should adjust his expectations"he added.

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