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Sunday, 4 August 2019

How Raila was badly Embrassed During Laboso burial

Dr Edwin Laboso is a man who always says the truth.
Raila odinga was the first person to share news that Joyce Laboso was hospitalized in London.
Raila odinga was in a meeting in London and decided to see Laboso who was hospitalized.
Despite all this visits he never offered any financial service.
Here is how Edwin Laboso embarrassed him
"Gideon Moi,thanks for providing us with the chopper, Ruto thanks for everything, wewe ni MTU uko na utu,if I start talking about Ruto I will cry,Uhuru Kenyatta thanks for financial help, Raila odinga thanks for coming'
Raila odinga despite being a billionaire has always been known to be very stingy.
He also visited her severally in Nairobi hhospital and didn't give her even a single shilling.

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