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Saturday, 10 August 2019

50 most useless degree courses in kenya

Some of the 133 courses scrapped by Commission of University Education.
1.Bachelor of Art (homescience)
2. Bachelor of science in Aerospace Sciences in Logistics
3. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences in Piloting
4. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Security
5. BSc. Leadership and Health Services Management
6. BSc. Clinical Nutrition
7. BSc. Public Health Nutrition
8. BSc. Community Health and Development
9. Bachelor of arts (history)
10. Bachelor of Maritime Management
11. Bachelor of Aviation Management
12. Bachelor in Agricultural Economics
13. B.Sc. (Biochemistry)
14. B.Sc. (Botany)
15. B.Sc. (Chemistry)
16. B.Sc. (Mathematics)
17. B.Sc. (Physics)
18. B.Sc. (Zoology)
19. BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
20. BSc in Agricultural Extension Education
21. BSc in science(Rural sociology)
22. BSc in Seed Science
23. BSc in Soil Science
24. BSc in Irrigation and Land Use Management
25. BSc in Crop Production
26. BSc in Food nutrition
27. BSc in Dry Lands and Sustainable Agriculture
28.BSc in Management
29.BSc international Diplomacy
30.BSc Community Health
31.BA Economics
32.BA Political science
33.BA Banking and Finance
34.BA Religion
35.BA Real Estate Management
36.BA Tourism
38.BA Hospitality Management
39.Bsc Range Land and Wildlife Management
40.Bsc Peace Science
41.Bsc Leather and Textile Technology
42.BSc Lingusitics
43.BA Anthropology
44.Bsc Sport Science
45.BA Mass Communication
46.Bsc.Life science
47.BA Marriage Counselling.
49.BA Conflict Management
50.BA Front Office Management

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