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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Untold story :How A sitting cabinet secretary with chase cars in a hurry nearly pushed Uhuru kenyatta car off the road , Uhuru was driving and was stuck in Jam Like any ordinary Kenyan

I am not sure why it is shocking folks that Uhuru was out on the streets driving himself around, that has always been his modus operandi for the longest time . During the Ebola scare , he picked a couple of trusted guards and drove himself to JKIA to test the screening system's himself like a regular mwananchi. He was in in Jean's, a bomber jacket and a NIKE cap, by the time they realized it was him, it was too late for some careers. Unless he is attending a highly hyped official function, Kenya1 is always there in his shiny shirt going from point A to point B grumbling about the annoying traffic jams like the rest of us. Which is the thing that pisses me off about our self-important MPs and CSs, they lack the humility and patience of their Boss, they will bully us and overlap whilst the President is sitting somewhere in that traffic gridlock. One day if allowed , I will tell a tale of one CS who was in such a hurry in his GK Prado and chase car that he almost pushed President Uhuru Kenyatta in his unmarked Merc G-wagon off the road. Story for another day. By polycarp hinga

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