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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Eric omondi conned me and fucked my girlfriend who looks like hamisa Mabeto,An upcoming artist cries

  1. My fellow country people...

This is your boy Madini Classic. I have a little issue I'd like to put across. Spare me few minutes of your time.
Now, during the # PlayKE Music campaign period, my good brother Eric Omondi followed me on Instagram and we actually striked a conversation about helping me push my brand further. We actually met at Java Present in the meeting was myself, Erico mwenyewe, Mc Antonio and a lady who Eric introduced as his wife (not Shantell though). Eric told me how greatly talented I am, and would love to sign me and support me as his artist. (He was in a deal with William Lawson and he intimated to me that they had plans of signing artists). Erico told me he loved my art, ever since I did Rayvanny's Kwetu cover song. But I told him I was under a Management at the time, and anything I do musically had to have opinion & ultimate approval from my boss. Erico promised to get me a Collabo with an artist from WCB Wasafi coz he said Diamond owed him some money, and getting a Collabo from them wouldn't be much of a problem.(Myself, I'm a person hugely depended on. From my aged parents, my nieces and actually just every person who I support financially in one way or another, so when I hear of such an arrangement I would definitely agree to it.)
So I had a discussion with my management about all the developments. Eric then suggested that he would want to package and introduce me as his artist. That packaging would entail some videography. Because he's the "President Of Comedy in Africa", he suggested a "presidential motorcade". High flying SUV cars, and motor bykes would be hired for this. He told me it would cost about 25K. (This budget included looping in Angie the famous dancer who hit headlines when she appeared on Sauti Sol's Short And Sweet video). But when I gave my boss his number so they communicate, I was surprised Erico quoted 60K.
Well, I suggested to bring all these (the cars, the bikes and all that), Eric objected and said I should give him the cash so that he facilitates all these himself.
We hustled for the money and gave Eric. I remember when I was handing him the money, we had a meeting again in town. Present was Chipukeezy, and he told Chipukeezy "this is my artist" bla bla, and even asked Chipukeezy to host me on his Ebru Tv show. (This never happened)
Incidentally, the same day I met Eric to hand him the monies, I was also to later meet a Media Personality friend of mine who cautioned me to be very careful when trading with Eric coz he might just use me for his own side of the bargain.
Then we were to shoot the INTRODUCTION VIDEO, Eric ignored all my calls & texts when I asked about the footages. Afterwards, I saw everything on Eric's YouTube account, using the very cars & motorbikes that were meant to purposely be for my video, they were in his YouTube account doing Advertisement for his own brand while marketing Kenya Airways and his London Media tour.
Fast forward to the day we were to shoot our maiden music video under this arrangement (my video ASSUMPTA), Erico gave me one excuse after another, that Angie girl of the Short & Sweet fame wasn't in the picture. All these despite the fact that I already gave him all the money he wanted as agreed. I started suspecting something is amiss.
Fast forward to after-the-video, he had promised my boss how he will use his brand to push mine.(In the Intro of my song ASSUMPTA, there is a motorcade and Eric's appearance as part of our deal). Erico never responded to any of my calls & texts, except on one occasion when I literally begged him, that's when he posted the Introduction Video, once on his Instagram Account.
All these led to alot of issues between me and my management. They saw me as a liar, a deceitful person who wasn't genuine about my dealings with Eric Omondi. It has led to termination of my management contract coz they view me as a liar. Today I have no management coz of Eric Omondi.
I also want to say, that Eric came and lured my girlfriend for purposes of his own sexual and personal gains. The girl widely popular as look alike of Hamisa Mobetto is my woman, who also featured on my video ASSUMPTA. Eric seduced and lured her with money so as to sleep with her. (There are screenshots to prove this).
The reason I'm writing all this, is to let Eric and the public know that for all these atrocities Eric committed against my humble self....I have truthfully and honestly forgiven him. This is not any attempt of publicity stunt, but a genuine let-off of my feelings.
Ki ukweli kabisa I have nothing against Eric Omondi.
I will continue doing my good music, and with Kenyans' support, I trust I will go far and achieve more success.
However, it's not good for established brands to misuse young and upcoming brands for their own selfish gains. All of us are Kenyans, and patriotism demands that we support each other.
Fellow Kenyans, I have not come out to rebuke Eric or portray him in any bad light for purposes of publicity. But I'm just speaking on behalf of every young person out there, who has found himself in a situation like mine.Currently, I'm actually facing some challenges as far as pushing and marketing my new project ENERGY Ft. Vivian is concerned, because I'm not under management. Screenshots below indicate all the texts and payments (via Mpesa) of monies totaling to 55K that I sent to Eric Omondi via Mpesa and some issued cash with nothing in return to show for it.
Peace be with you lovely Kenyans

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