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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Top 10 Richest people in kenya and their net Worth

Today at cheza kikwetu we are going to feature the top 10 richest people in Kenya and their net Worth.
1.Kenyatta family
The Kenyatta family tops this list. Having investments in almost all sectors of the economy nobody can match the Kenyatta family.
Most notable investment by the Kenyatta family is the Brookside milk company which is the largest milk processing company in east Africa.
Kenyatta Family also has investments in banking,real estate, hospitality industry and agriculture.
Their estimated net Worth is in excess of $5 billion.

2.Moi family
The second president of Kenya and his family come in the second place.
Moi ruled with an iron fist for 24 years,Her managed to accumulate massive wealth during that period.
Moi has investments both in Kenya and oversees.
His notable investment is kabarak schools which start from primary all the way to the university. it is a multi billion structure. Moi has also investments in real  estate, hospitality industry and agriculture.
The estimated net Worth of Moi is about $3 million.

3. Manu Chandaria
Manu chandaria is a Kenyan of Indian decent born in 1929.
His multi billion steel company has presence in over 40 counties.
His estimated net worth is $2billion.

4.Late Nicholas Biwott
The late Nicholas biwott was president Daniel Moi right hand man.
Nicknamed Total man because he was very powerful during Moi's presidency.
Nicholas biwott managed to accumulate a lot of wealth during president Moi 24 years rule.
His notable investment is Yaya center building in Nairobi
He has investments in Kenya and oversees.
His estimated net Worth is about $1.5 billion.

5.Bhimji Depar Shah
Depar shah is now an old man,He is 87 years old man. He is a Kenyan with Indian decent. His notable investment is bidco groups of companies which manufactures products including blue band.
His estimated net Worth is $ 1 billion.

6.Naushad Merali
He is also a Kenyan of Indian decent.
He is the founder of telecommunications company kencell which has rebranded severely and his now Airtel.
His estimated net Worth is $700 million.

7.Chris Kirubi
Business mogul and philanthropist Chris kirubi comes at number 7.
His notable investment is two rivers mall in Nairobi.
Chris kirubi has investment in almost all sectors of the economy. His major investment is real estate.
He has a net Worth of $500 billion

8.Raila Odinga
Raila odinga is the main opposition leader in Kenya who recently joined government after being defeated in 2017 general elections.
Odinga main investment is East Africa spectra company which manufactures gas cylinders.
He has an estimated net Worth of $300 million.

9.William Ruto
William Ruto is a self proclaimed hustler.
He started by selling chicken and his now a multi billionaire.
He has specialized in hospitality industry.
His notable investment is controversial Weston hotel along langata Road.
Net worth $200 million.

10.Mwai Kibaki
The former president closes this list.
He has an estimated net Worth of $90 million.

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