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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Saddest Story Ever:Nairobi Woman Kicked Out of matrimonial Home Just Days after husband passed on

In an apparent display of gluttony and selfishness, Jane Kendi Mwirigi in-laws rather than leave her to mourn his departed beloved spouse; her mother in law and relatives have found it imperative to stake their greed on their departed son's properties, cash and expected benefits. David Obongi Mogikoyo was lawfully married to Kendi but unfortunately in the 7th June 2019, while driving along the Lodwar-Kakuma highway had a tragic road mishap. His mother, Celina Nyaboke Mogikoyo has moved to court, barring Jane Kendi, her lawfully married daughter in law any access to the body of his son, records or any action on the records and properties in his late son's name. Perusing the court documents, it tells plainly that it's not about their son but what will they reap from while he lies dead. A real representation of UNBRIDLED GREED taken to feast at the graveside. By questioning the accident and insinuating it was a creation, it's rather an obnoxious whirlwind hunt for a justifiable reason to haunt the young lady who's mother of two, the last just being 3 months old. What has our society turned to? Do we have to torment our children and feast and dine by the graveside of our kin.. JANE KENDI MWIRIGI deserves her justice. She needs utmost peace to grieve and mourn her husband.

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