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Friday, 21 June 2019

Part 7,8,9:Step Brother



part 7
...........The following day,i woke up in
hospital.Festus was on a chair beside
nursing bed.
His hand tacked under his chin and
seemed to
be in deep thoughts.
"What happened to me God?",i asked
being...The only thing i could
remember was I felt dizzy,weak and
sleepy! The following day
waking up in the hospital!
I groaned to try and divert the
attention of My
boy,Who quickly turned, stood and
sat on my
"Why am i here ..What happened?",I
"Relax,Beb...You would have died
"But what?, tell me why?", i
interupted him. I was on a drip,my
was in pain!
Just then, a nurse crept into my
hospital room.
"Excuze young man, would you
please go outside for a moment?", i
heard her
whisper to Festus who quickly went
out of the
"How? and why am i here?" i
questioned the nurse amid pain.
Dont worry,
you need to relax first.Today at 10
Am, this
gentleman,brought you here,you
unconscious",the nurse voiced as she
took my
"I felt dizzy, weak and sleepy
yesternight and i
slept off , what transpired next i have
idea",i explained as the nurse was
listening .
"whom do you stay with?"she asked
"My bro, my mum and dad went for
honeymoon in SA", i replied.
What!, thats is
risky,Where was your brother the time
you felt
"In his room" i replied...
I didnt want to disclose to the nurse i
had taken a sex
enhancer for this would raise weird
Days rushed while still in the
I stayed in the hosptal for 3 days and
Festus was
all along by my bedside.He really
loved me.
The day to be discharged came. I was
feeling alitle better. Festus and i
went to the Doc's office to get the
final word grom him.
They had done several
laboratory tests and so i had to have
Inside the room, a middle aged guy
sat comfortably in his chair .He was
the doctor. He looked composed and
"Karibu kiti.. You name??" The doctor
asked as soon as we made our way
"Grace..." I replied. with a faint voice.
"Well so greatful to God
you are
alive.Several lab tests have been
done and am
really sorry to inform you that........"
"Wait!," i interupted him and turned
to Festus.
"Kindly beb, i need you to get
guiltly begged.
"Whats the meaning of
this Grace?, am your fiancee am",
"Kindly, excuse her", the doctor
voiced as he
lowered his head down,looking
Festus over his
large,lensed Spectacles.
Festus,felt hurt but he had no
otherwise but
to leave.....
"Alright,What happened?" i curiously
asked the
doctor.I was in tense mood.
As i was fighting my fears, the nurse
who was
attending to me,crept into the room
with a
file, and placed it on top of the docs
top of it was written
-Patient 345,
Final lab test.....
The doc, picked it, examined it and
after a
short moment of silence, he raised
his head and said..
"Well, here is lab results and a
You dont wish to miss part 8


Part 8
".......A suspected incidence of rape
has been
confirmed,toxicological tests revealed
there was a higher level of
aphrodisiacs and
sleep inducer in your blood..," The
explained as my eyes stared in
disbelief,I had
lost my consciousness.I could not
accept that
my brother Daniel, raped me.It was
was traumatizing and hurting.
I could not imagine staying under one
with a rapist!
"How will i explain this to
Festus,what will he
take me for?," my minds was a
beehive full of
Tears rolled down my cheeks
uncontrollably while still
rooted in my chair in total silence
and shock!
"mmmmmh....huh!" the doc cleared
"Aaah, We did Several texts including
the pregnancy test and HIV

"Am i pregnant?" I interrupted.The
doctor was totally shocked at my
question.Peherps wondered why i
was not
concerned in knowing my HIV status!
"Well,HIV test come out negative,The
pregnancy test also negative," The
doubtfully uttered as he open another
The news sunk into my ears,my heart
like shepherds who had just received
the good news of
the Messiah birth! My moods changed
I jumped up from my chair and
wanted to hug the
"Thank you doc,I thank God nothing
happened to me," i Blessed as i stood
to leave
the room..
"Wait,you know its hard to detect
pregnancy in
a span of less than a week, You are
to came back next week the same day
another check up", The doc explained
as he
pulled his spectacles off to watch
how i
wiggled and gyrated my hips from
side to side
leaving the room.."Men will remain to
be men"
"it's ok," i coldly replied...and left the
Festus was not on the waiting bench,I
wondered why he just decided to
leave without
informing me.
My cellphone was in my room.
I hurriedly went home..
On my way i couldn't imagine facing
Daniel,"will it be wise if i tell
incidence? " i thought to myself...
About ten minutes of motorbike ride,i
home,Daniel was not there,i didnt
I entered my room,took my phone and
Festus number for which he didn't
I started to hurt. The only person i
loved was
ignoring my calls! Well.
Days rushed,Daniel was nowhere to
be found.
One week elapsed,dad and mommy
jetted into
the country on a Saturday evening.
Mum had changed,her face was
glowing with
passion.The glow that comes with
It was nice to rejoin with her again!
"Where is your brother,honey?" mum
don't know,its 3 days now and i
haven't set my
eyes on him" i replied.
"What do you
mean?"....mum looked soo worried.
"He is a
big boy,he will surely come,"i said
"Crazy!,Stupid!" my mum cursed.
At around 10pm,when we were
crept into the house,looking so
wasn't happy at all,He coldly greeted
mum n
dad n left for his room.
"Dan,where have you been?" Dad
asked. But Dan
didn't reply.
Just then,I served my favourite Pork
and instantly puked!
"Ooh, gosh! Grace whats the matter?"
i heard
mum ask.
"I don't know mum' i replied.
"I had no symptoms of malaria,what
that be?" i asked myself.
I hurriedly left for my room,mum
followed me
and locked the door.....
"For who?" she asked.
"Mum what do you
mean,am not pregnant,"
"Well,next week we are going for a
lab test,If
it comes out positive you cease to be
daughter!" mum harshly made her
I could not accept am pregnant,The
test had turned negative.
But what if am will i tell mum its for
Tusday the following week
come,early in the
morning,we left for hospital...............
Lol,The story has just began....
watch out for Part 9...


Part 9....
....6am,i heard a soft knock on my
"Grace,you are getting late!" Mum
Shouted,waking everyone in the
I sat on my bed and stretched lazily. I
then took my phone and texted
"Prepare to answer questions"
He didn't reply.
I hurriedly prepared myself, took my
breakfast and headed to hospital.
I knew i was not pregnant,I was
I wanted to tell mum that Daniel had
raped me,after intoxication. I
pondered that to myself but
I was afraid because mum would hate
Daniel,and even file a case against
her,husband's son.
That would translate to Divorce.
I didn't want mum to be
divorced.Since my dad passed away,
She has been struggling with
life,Praying to God to bless her with
a husband.
Finally God answered her prayer.
Her husband, a very rich and caring
man,A dad to one just wedded mum
one month ago.
Everything moved well.
"Grace," i heard mum call ,i turned my
"If you know you are pregnant,i don't
know what i will do you, as i have
said,you will cease to be my
daughter,"Mum said with a lot of
I didn't answer, I kept consoling
myself am not pregnant.
Twenty minutes later,we arrived at
the hospital.
My Mum, instructed me to stay at the
waiting area as she made her way
into the doctors room.
At some point I felt like puking
,something that was unusual to me.
I tried to avoid the fact that I might
be pregnant!
Worse being Pregnant for Dan, my

A rapist!
After several minutes in the doctors
room,mum, emerged from there.
"Take this to the room on your left
,door number 3" She instructed as
she gave me a paper,from the doctor.
I walked direct to that room, which i
learnt it was the main hospital
Inside, a young handsome guy,in his
late 20s was busy on a microscope...
I stood, for about 1 minute inside the
room before he turned, and instructed
me to seat on the chair beside him.
I gave him the paper.He quickly read
it and, knew what to do.
He gave me, small cylinder and
requested me to bring my urine.
I went out in the loos, and brought
my urine.He requested me to wait
outside on the bench.
I continued, to console myself that
am not pregnant.
30 minutes later,the lab guy emerged
and headed to the doctors room,
beckoning us into the room.
"Greetings lady,", a soft spoken
doctor voiced,
"Greetings,to you too Doc," i replied
with a shaky voice.
"Well, congratulation, You are 1 week
pregnant," the doctor finally broke
hell loose.
I wished, i could turn into stone.
My mum stared at me with fierce dry
eyes! He was writhing with anger..
She would hit me anytime with
anything in her vicinity.
I moved two steps away from her.
"Thank you" Mum said to the doctor.
"Lets go home,"she angrily uttered to
I texted Daniel,that am pregnant for
him and that am going to tell mum
and dad the truth.
He only replied to me that he will
commit suicide..
When we arrived home, i went to
Dan's room.I tried knocking,but no
response. I proceeded to my room
and awaited my disowning,humil
iation,and new life!
Mum called Dan and i into the living
room,after taking a shower.
"Dan, i left you to look after your
sister,and you failed, look she is
pregnant", mum started with a lot of
pain..Daniel didn't answer he just
stared as if he was deaf!
She turned to me
,"Grace, for who?, tell me or you are
I raised my head,Dan was shaking,his
face was full of sorry,i pitied him.
His dad was a soldier and he would
not want to hear his son is a rapist!
He will kill him for lowering his
I had no otherwise but to let the cat
out of the bag.
"Mum,am so....rry...! I stammared,
"sorry for what?i want to know who
is responsible for this," mum
maintained her position...
I started to weep, Daniel was shaking.
Mum was fuming ,she was burning!
"Mum, i was raped!", I finally said
amid sobs.
Mum looked shocked and
unconvinced, She asked me to repeat
what i had just said.
Just, then I opened my mouth to
speak, my mum's phone rang, it was
a call from dad.....
He was involved in an accident and
was rashed to the hospital...
Mum quickly left ,to attend to her

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