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Friday, 21 June 2019

Part 5:Step Brother


My Step brother
part 5
"Huh! " I sighed and came back to my
"Are you checking me out?" Daniel
said with a smile.
" What do you mean?" I hissed
concealing my
craving for his joystick ...
me you don’t want it" Dan threw
"Are you
flirting with me? ",i shouted looking
aside to hide my shyness. Seriously,I
it ,my whole body was raging.
I imagined the
last time i had that very sweet
feeling that sent my whole being into
another planet!
I wasn’t sure if i would do it
with Dan,my step brother or not.
In the first place I shouldn’t have
taken the drug, I was so horny, really

nipples were hard and
pimples filled my skin,
the saliva in my mouth
went dry.
My heartbeat n breathing rate
increased tenthfold. I bet my heart
would have accused
me for overworking it..
"I thought you once said you would
love to
have sex with me" Daniel nailed.
"That was just
a joke, please stop it I don’t like what
doing and where you are heading",i
"We are both burning, I saw you
taking one of
the drug, do you think I didn’t see
voiced,with alot of happiness.
"What drug? I
didn’t take any drug,"I denied.
He then moved and sat beside me, my
heart started
beating fast.
"Dan please..." I said with a faint
voice as I imagined on what would
happen next.
"Let’s do it now, your boyfriend is not
here, my
girl is not here too",Daniel said with a
voice,I felt he was really in pain and
could not
control it.I wanted to do something
to save
my bro..
All over sudden ,
he started touching my cheek,his
hands were
really warm. The softess of his touch
sent thousands of strikesc
" But we are not related," he
murmured as
he stretched his hand and carresed
exposed thighs all the way to my
hips as he
looked at me with very flirty and
"You’re not a small girl now, " he
whispered as he gave me wet kisses
on my neck.
" Stop it, stop! Stop! stop,please stop
this Dan"
i lamented.He was surely driving me
another world. Like a deaf person,he
went on to kiss my lips.
I kept
telling him to stop but he didn’t
listen, he
grabbed my boob and brought it out
my dress....
It was here I started to feel am flying
in another world.....

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