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Friday, 21 June 2019

Part 4:Step Brother

My Step Brother…..
(Part 4)

.......4pm and Festus had not yet
arrived, I was so
disturbed and annoyed, I was going
crazy...My blood was speedy in my
veins and this made me to be horny.
My whole body was on fire. My
nipples enlarged and hardened.
I wanted something strong inside me.
I started to regret why I
used the drug!
I desparately tried calling Festus but
he was
out of reach.My bottom was on fire
and the juices
trickled freely wetting my panty.
Do you know the feeling of being
after so Much preparation especially
when anticipating for a slow hot and
deep drill!_

I was slowly loosing myself and
hoped my guy would. appear the
30 minutes later,as i was battling with
estrogenic surge in my body,I heard
the door
I rushed out of my room,
immediately,hoping it was him.
Simoultenously ,Daniel also rushed
out of his
room too. We bumped into each other
as i made my
way downstairs.
Daniel hoped it was her fiance and he
was quick to reach and opened the
door. I waited patiently to see who
was at the door.
Unexpectedly the pot bellied driver
stood like a lost sheep! I was pissed
I lazily
I lowered myself on the couch in the
room, Daniel was still attending to
the driver.
I blankily stared Dan who was facing
ths driver and
discovered he was in a short.
Just then Daniel and the driver
laugh, I wondered what could make
laugh that way.
"What is making both of you laugh
that? I know you have said something
about me!" i barked as Daniel made
his way
back into the house,
"Can’t you see what is going on?" He
as he gave me a flirty smile.
I didn’t understand what he really
meant. I tried to figure out what he
meant but i couldn't.
He then took his phone and called
girlfriend but she wasn’t picking his
calls, I
didn’t pay attention until I saw
something that
really got my attention.
I saw how Daniel was hardening, he
was hard,
very hard.
I guessed that was the reason the
was laughing and probably the driver
thought we
were doing something because I was
wearing my mini dress..
I just couldn’t take my eyes off his
driller,believe me Daniel was
weaponry and
huge I must confess.
I was stealing quick
glances at his magical wood. as he
kept lamenting
and acusing his girlfriend for
My eyes started to wonder all over
body: from head to toe.
I tried to erase the
weird feeling i was developing
towards my
step bro...Truely Daniel was
handsome than my
boyfriend anyway.
" Can you believe this girl switched
her phone ?" i heard Dan say.I kept
silence and pretended to be minding
my own business, he
furiously dropped his phone on the
floor and
sat comfortably on the couch.I was
checking him out, I was already
imagining how I would
ride his joystick and this made me
Daniel was still upset, I coudn’t help,I
accessing my step brother out.
"How I wish",i
prayed within me.
" Wat are you looking at?",i heard
speak.He caught my eyes rooted at
his sharp
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