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Friday, 21 June 2019

Part 2:How I was home alone with my Step brother

My Step Brother…..
(Part 2)
...Later that night, I called my
Festus , inquiring
if he would be able to come
over to our place. I teased
him about us making love and he
promised to show me the material he
was made of...
He agreed to come
spend the whole week with me since
my mum
and her husband
would be away for
one week.
Festus has been disturbing me for
sex all these
while but I’ve not be enable to loosen
myself to him becos I’m a “get
inside” child. As i was thinking of the
sweet times we would be having with
my boy I heard
a soft Knock on my door…
" who is that?",i
shouted from inside and rashed to
open the door.
"your elder brother" Daniel responded,
"Huh! So
what do you want?"I asked stealing a
from him,as i moved to sit on my
He smiled and hit me on my ass!
"You don’t have
respect,Daniel what is the meaning of
rubbish? Why would you hit me on
my behinds? For
what? "i cursed amid anger.
" Mmmm… I’m
sorry",He calmly apologised.
" how can i help you
sir?",i coldly asked making sure my
expressed my disapoitment..
"I came to inform you about
something, you know
my dad and mum are travelling.
sister, I know you have a big mouth. I
came to
tell you that I’m bringing one of my
girlfriend to
the house for the whole week. Please,
I beg
you..not to tell " Dan begged as he
sat on my
"Yes! Birds of the same feather...and
the rule" ,i parabled with a lot of
"what do you mean by that?"Dan
asked with surprise!
"I’m also bringing my boyfriend,for a
week",i explained,fighting my
Christ! such a small girl have a
boyfriend?"I heard
Dan question
"hahaha! Do I look like a virgin to you
affirmed making sure am audible
God have mercy on you"Dan prayed ,
"and on you
too",i cursed back… "See, I love it too,
if not that
you’re my brother we would have a
quickie"i jokingly played..
"hmmmm! Children of these days are
so spoilt…
Wait did you say you wish to f**k
me? Are you
serious about that?"Dan curiously
"huh! Go away , I was only joking
with you. How
can I do it with you?",i asked
"anything can happen, since we are
related"Dan bursted looking at me
with flirty
"You are crazy…. Leave my room " i
shouted pointing the door.
He quietly left my room. And that
night, we both
agreed to keep our secrets.
I remember vividly Daniel was hard
when I told him we
would have sex. In true sense I was
only joking with him,
I didn’t take it serious but to him it
was business.......
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