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Friday, 21 June 2019

I bring to you another sweet story,"Home Alone With My Step Brother" A story narrated by agirl born out of wedlock(Part 1 to 9)

Part 1

Mum: Grace,my daughter?, guess
Grace: what is it mum? You know
I’m not good at guessing (looking
Mum: well, Jack my fiancee just
proposed to me, I’m getting married
(with excitement, showing the
engagement ring)
Grace: wow! Congrats mum, I’m
happy for you….. (Hugging her with
Well, it all started there…My name
Grace. I’m 22 years old, I finished
my Secondary school last year and
had sat KCSE like twice but no
luck. My mum was 40 years old,
she gave birth to me when she was
just 18 years old, in town she
worked with an insurance company
here in Nairobi. My Dad is late, I
never got to meet him before he
died.I heard he had an accident or
Anyway, Jack is my mum’s
boyfriend whom she’s been dating
for 3 years now.Jack is also a
single dad, he has a son named
Daniel,His friends call him Osama.
Daniel is 21 years old, a student, a
very flirty and handsome boy.He is
friendly, he takes me like a sister
but something happened between
us that almost ruined our parent’s
relationship and our family as a
This is how it all started….
Eventually my mum and Jack got
married, everybody was so happy,
we moved into a new house, I now
had someone to call dad, I have a
brother too....even though he is my
step brother.
We moved into a very big house, a
five bedroom bungalow in Karen. I
had my own room so did Daniel.
.We started living together as
family. Immediately after the
wedding our parents didn’t go for
their honeymoon cos of the nature
of their job, so they postponed it to
when they would have enough
time.I enjoyed the company of
Daniel and his father, we were so
close. I had a boyfriend,infact I’m
not a virgin, so don’t be surprised.I
lost my virginity at the age of 16 to
a youth guy who owned a motor
bike,way back in secondary school.
We dated for few months before he
left me to his home town.
Daniel had numerous girlfriends,he
drilled them anyhow, he brought
different girls to the house
secretely, his room was full of
condoms, he was a pervert, those
stupid girls flirted with him a lot,
they threw themselves to him so
One day, I was home alone, my
mum got back from the office early
that day.
I was surprised…" huh!, mummy
what happened?You came home so
early today?" i.asked curiously,
"I’ve been given one week leave to
go for my honeymoon,finally", she
answered lovingly.
"honeymoon!, what do you mean?",i
chested," your father and i wanted
to surprise you guys",
" how?"
" We are going on honeymoon
tomorrow. We are travelling to
South Africa for our honeymoon,
and its gonna last for one week."
she explained with shyness," what?
mummy, this is not a surprise!. I
don’t like it this way cos its too
sudden",i lamented
" Sweetheart, I’m sorry it has to be
like this… After this honeymoon we
are planning on a family vacation
to Dubai"
"okay I’m happy for you, but you
should have informed me earlier, I
would have gone to grandma’s
place in the village.
"Noooo! You should stay at home
with your brother, since he’s
around, you wont be the only
one."she consoled.
" okay mum"
Well, I wasn’t happy at first but
later I realised it is for my own
advantage.This is an opportunity
for me to invite my new boyfriend
Festus. Who is a student at Kikuyu
campus. We started dating 2months
ago and we hadnt an opportunity to
have sex..for part 2 scroll down

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