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Monday, 17 June 2019


So its been exactly 1 year 3 months now since I discovered my wife is been sleeping with someone else.we dont have sex like we used to,and if we do,she is quick to tell me to finish 'mwaga haraka'.I go to work as usual do everything,we are blessed with 3 children and life has been rossy till about three years ago when I noticed the sudden change in attitude.
She changed completely,went from being the nagging,caring wife,to a just there wife,her phone is always silent,or on flight mode further more she has put password on her phone.
She doesn't serve me nor greet me at the door when I arrive at home,instead she just sits her ass on the couch,chatting on social media,then proceeds to serve herself eat heartily while I pretent am watching she doesn't see how pissed off night when I try to touch her,,she jerks my hand of like it has reprossy,complains that she has a headache,or that she is on her monthly period.
So one day I hacked her quite tech servy and handling gadgets is my thing...I found a text msg from a kevin...the same kevin who once called her in the middle of the night...she didn't pick all she could do was rant and pretend to be mad that her colleague is calling her at night...I noted that no and did my FBI like investigation....mind you the guy had texted her that she misses her and was asking if it was possible if they meet again....
.........part 2 loading
Part two...........
So I did my investigation,found out everything I could about kevin,his famaily his siblings and his wife.....(he has a hot wife by the way).You see when I was a bachelor,I dated so many ladies,big thin brown black,almost all tribes,but when it came to marriage I married her,I chose her.In doing so I stopped..being the Alpha hyna that I was.So I could not understand why this was happening to me,of all the people,I mean sexually am very experinced,and she knows I don't get why and how this guy got into her pants..I guess its money. So back to my sorrowful after I got all the info I needed,I started spying on them I got so good that I could follow her without her noticing,I would hire a different vehicle,and follow her to her job,wait and watch..the whole day....I had even binoculars that I had bought for this mission.Every time they would meet,I knew...I had installed an app that sent all the conversations...also I had infiltrated her whatsapp trough the desktop I could see how they where chatting ,and all the photos they where sending each one point while driving I had contemplated ramming unto oncoming traffic,and end my life.I though of the many horrible things I would do.Every time they would meet ,they would disappear,in a street in town an reappear after kitu five hours ivi.I would look in disbelief,how she seamed happy jovial and she glowed.When she arrived at homei would enquire where she had been she would just make up well calculated lies how she was busy at work and she needed to sleep becouse she was tired...(yeah tired cose she was being pumped by kevin).One day I decided to risk all and follow them by foot....i was so covert that they didn't even notice me...they ate at the same fast food restaurant I was in..and despite all the mirrors,they didn't see me,The guy couldn't recognize me nor know that I was her husband,but we had met so many times,I had made it an effort to know this guy that was munching my beutiful wife.I followed them,down tomboya to a guesthouse I wount mention.They bookd a room.As soon as they went in I booked a room also,three rooms down the hallway from theirs.........
Part 3 loading.................
So I lay on the bed,my heart racing I was so silent I could here my heart beating,my blood gushing through my veins,thoughts of how they are romancing would flood my mind.I would open my room and tiptoe down the hall way and try to listen to any activity that might be goning on,I would hear them talk alittle then it would be silent.My knees sometimes would become weak and I would sit down,but no room attendant ever found me luckily,after a few minutes I guess of foreplay,it began....aki wooie I could here her,her sweet sex voice,moaning softly.I thought of busting into their room,but I couldn't.The pace picked,the guy by know was pounding her,and I could feel every thrust,every resonance of the bed,her moans made me feel like I would go mad,it went on for like 20mins.It got silent.I heard the shower running,and after a few minutes they where at it again.My dear men,I stayed there till it was over,hearing my wife beings screwed,her lavisher,also moaning with pleasure.Me on the other end I was feeling like I wanted to rip my skin...I stayed there till they finished.The shower was run again,and I think they where showering,I could here her laughing while they heartbroke.After afew minutes....I tried calling her the phone went through,I could here her favourite ringtone in the other room,but the phone went unanswered,second time I tried I didn't here it,I gues she put it on silent mode.I went back to my room,my mouth so dry,my mouth tasted like metal,like blood,my eyes blood shot...I looked at myself in the mirror,and hot tears run down my chicks.I felt weak,I drunk some water,and lay on the bed.I thought about my kids,my life and tears flowed freely,my mouth tightly closed fist clenched.They finshed.They went out of the room down stairs.I peeped through my slightly opened door,and I saw the.He was holding her waist they looked so heartbroke again.I followed suit,down the stairs into the streets,but I lost them.
I went home angry,devastated a d sad at the same time,I remember almost being run over by a bus at odeon.A makanga hurled insults at me but I didn't mind I was lost in thought.I cant even tell you how I reached home that day.
At around 6 in the evening she was at home,she found me there,I was with the kids,I had helped them with their home work,all the while silent, I would look at them and feel so bad.
She entered the house kama kawaida,the cold treatment,she didn't even say hi,but I said hi,I even hugged her...............
So I was sitted there,looking at her in disbelief.she retired to bed early,giving me excuses of headache and how tired she is.I was just looking at her.I asked her how her job was she said it was fine.My kids retired to bed..and I was left alone,in the living room with the t.v,I swear the events that where playing through my mind,where like a movie.I stayed up so late just watching my switched of television,contemplating on what to do.Should I confront her,I asked myself.Immediately I went outside to town.....(used to stay at kikuyu town) bought some strong alcohol,I dint even bother to ask for change.I returned home and drunk the whole bottle (remember I had not eaten anything) so immediately effects if alcohol,took me to another land.I fell deep into a dreamless sleep.In the morning I woke up so late,and all that had happend cane crushing on head ached my heart broke once more.I was feeling the pangs of hanger gnawing in my stomach.I ate whatever I could find,left overs..unwashed fruit....devoured mkakasuu(luhya for the part thats left on the sufuria after cooking ugali) .My wife was already up.She was outside engaging in small talk with the neighbours,the house help all this time was looking at me.Without saying anything she poured some tea and brought me a big piece of sweetpotato...I feasted on it though it was choking me so bad.
Just as I was eating my last munch...I saw her heart skipped a bit....she never leaves her phone,na akienda kushowa anaiachanga kama ameficha na imezimwa...I think she forgot.I grabbed it went to the toilet ...nkaweka password haraka haraka then nikaweka silent.I went trough the phone as usual.....the text only reminding me vividly last days events...I felt so bitter.I didn't know what to do.
My wife came,by that time I had returned the phone,,,,we had some small talk bout kids and staff,out of nowhere,I held her hand,she was surprised and pulled her hand away,I asked her if she knew how much I Ioved her...she said nothing.I followed her to the bedroom.But its like she didnt want anything to do with me,but for some reasons not known to me , we made love....though she was not into it.....
Fast forward ......after a few weeks,after a few weeks of stress and full blown depression,she was at it again I guess they fucked so many times I even lost count how many times she lied to me,,,I had a confidant from her job,I female friend of hers who was informing me of everything...and she would even tell me the places they went.I had had enuf....I was willing to go to jail then or get murdered by a mob...I swore I would bulldoze myself into the room and finish them all.
The fated day arrived,I had all the info I needed so I trooped to the guest house along mfangano street.waylaid them there,and just like clock work they where there,just the way I always saw them they had gotten sloppy and where not careful.
Remember I had told you of his wife,and how beautiful she was? Yeah,I had tracked her down,engaged her on fb messenger,and we where now chatting on whatsap.ilikua imebaki tu kumeet....O.k back to my sorrowful real story....They where already in the room,and this time I managed to secure a room next to theirs......and the room was on the top most floor so no concrete ceiling.They went in and after a few minutes I went into mine................................
Part 5 loading....ghaaaai!
Part 5...
I went inside.....and waited......I even tried to lie on the bed,I thought of texting his wife and spilling the beans,but I found my self chatting her casually...noth
ing much just kujuliana hali....we where chatting for some time now.Just then I heard them passing my room my wife laughing deliriously,so happy like a teenager on an overdose of injected hormones,my heart skipped,pounded so hard I could literally count the beats.I just sat there looking at the sealing,I thought to myself,that they must have booked a room and maybe went to grab something to eat....yaaani kevin was this free with my wife.As I sat there,looking at the ceiling counting minutes till they returned,I noticed this hole sijui its name,the one left after installing ceilingss in houses for access to the compartment between the roof and ceiling.A most sardistic idea crept into my mind,what if I could climb,and crawl to their room just sit there and wait for them.In a matter of minutes I jumped into action,I hoisted my self up,careful not to came down with the whole ceiling.I was crawling above on the dusty beams,lying across my upper part body just reaching their room and leg part still on the ceiling of my room ,with sharp pointed pen I made a hole, just whe the wall met the ceiling just infront of the skirting,and I had 360 view of the entire room.I saw my wifes hand bag and Kevin's laptop bag I guess.Nor sooner had I done that...than The door to their room was opened...they where back.I felt my heart race, my head ache,I couldn't breath,as I was about to behold...the partaking of my wife live,front row.I was shaking,I felt the urge to urinate suddenly,I developed sweat drops on my neck and face,I felt pain as the beam I was lyirg on was starting to feel uncomfortable.
They didnt wast any time,,,,just then my phone in my pocket vibrated,and it was just a matter of seconds till the ringtone started ,I pressed my phone through my trouser so hard I almost cracked the screen,actually it devloped a crack,but I didn't notice for like a I managed to silence the the rington removed it and changed the profile to silent....all the while they had undressed half way...I watched.
The guy had a nice body a nice pair of shoulder blades , the man was stuffed,my wifes hands where on the the guy,as he was grabbing my beutiful wifes ass,her boobbs where exposed,her beutiful breast the guy kissed her neck ,he kissed her lips,I dont even remember when she ever kissed me.He licked her boobs just the way I used to,he undressd her,,,she was beutiful,it was like I saw her for the first time.They undressed completely as tears went down directly on the sealing.she lay on the bed,the guy was kissing her every. fuck!!!!just the way I did it to her...the guy was slightly shreaded he hard a nice cubes and an athletic body.....he untop of her...kissing her moving down She opened her heartbroke wife,my wife the guy licked and she moaned.....she opened her legs wider the guy moved along her as he kissed her body,tear from my eyes flowe freely,my heart ached,but I was silent just watching.....then he positioned himself my wife held him on his waist looking at him.......I will never forget her eyes the face she made jus as the guy was about to deep his cock in,from the angle I was I. I could see her pussy and his cock alomost touchin,painfully I watched I took my phone turned on the cam and switched of the led light...just as he was about to insert his already erect mjulus....................
Part 6............
......................should I continue?,its making me tear as I type this real life story....maybe I should continue tomorrow.....Ama?
Part 6
His mjulus touched her pussy,I felt like I would die,slowly he slid it in..I closed my eyes so titely as tears forced there way,I oppened just to see him moving ...a slow stroke as his mjulus went it came out and went in I could see her labias hugging his dick so tite as they went in with the forward motion and out with the back motion,I felt a part of me die.I hated her then for a second.Then I couldn't believe this,I felt like coming down so fucking hard with all of me and the roof but,its like I was glued to the spot,all the while i managed to hold my phone steady and continued recording(like some sort if sick fuck,sometimes I look at the the video and I get so fucking horny)anyways....the guy now was pounding her she was moaning,for some sick reason,I stopped feeling bad,I was keen on how he was doing it to she was responding..she was enjoying it.I looked at her face she had closed her eyes ,all the while licking her lips occasionally biting her lower lip,exactly how she used to do it,,,,again for some sick sardistic reason I felt my manhood harden,as he was pounding on her.Now they where both rocking,I could see the vibrations on her ass as he was being rummed her boobs would occasionally go on the side as the guy woult tilt slightly allowing me to see her boobs and face...he pounded her for like 20 minutes.Then she turned...doggy style,I couldn't belive I was watching this...the guy again entered from behind now I could see her ass,,,how he pounded her with so much aggressiveness,he would create waves on ass with every ram.Now I couldn't feel a thing I was just watching,I was even horny,I continued recording.She came untop,I saw her hold his mjulus,she looked up with her mouth open then slowly slid it in.....fuck!!!!!!I couldn't believe this was my wife.she rode him....I was actually amazed at how she was doing it,so a pro....she would shake and sit on it...waaaah I was so fucking tears hard already dried up....fastforwa
rd afew minutes the guy was untop of her he increased pase and then he let it out....she held him so titely lovingly till the last drop was finshed....they fell on the bed and slept.I put my phone on the beam and just lay there face down with my mout open...I froze.After a few minetes I regained MY senses.and crawled back to my room I actually fell into my room.My body was numb I didnt feel a thing when I landed heavily on the edge of the bed....I blacked out......I woke up a few hours later.....guess they where already gone...I cleaned up alittle,my clothes hard collected dust from the roof,,,,and I went home with my tail between my legs like a wounded dog.
As usual she came home....we didn't talk,she went straight to sleep,not even bothering to know if I had where already asleep,house help had packed some food for me in a hot pot.silently, pai fully,I ate.I looked at my phone....there where to msgs from Kevin's wife...I smiled..............
Part 7 ........I fucking love this bitch....she will be my end....
.Part 7
Note that my post is is dynamic,ever changing like a fucking HIV virus,it changes according to how I remember the events......
Days passed,weeks passed I was in so much pain.Images of my wife with the guy run through my mind,I would get so deppressed,sometimes I contemplated suicide,but that was the last thing I would do.Weakness compels strength,betrayal begets blood.I wasnt ready to shed any blood though I thought about it so much.I would fantasize on ways,to end kevin and rescue my beutiful wife from her lavishers hand..and dick.My work was affected,my colleagues noticed they got concerned,I was unkept my skin was dry,my clothes rugged,not pressed.While I was undergoing all this,we still where chatting with Kevin's wife,though we had reached a point that we could speak of anything,I did not want to even mention bout her husband and my gorgeous wife.we become good friends ,we used to chat alot.
I alienated my self from mi boys, my crew,I didnt find anything meaningful in life,I had given up,I had reached rock bottom,at this point I was a danger to myself and whomever crossed my path.My beer buddies would make endless calls,my famale friends,would send a hundred texts,you see am the social kinda guy,I get along with everyone and anyone.Making friends to me was naturally when I went underground,my friends got concerned.
Everyday she would go to work,like a conditioned soldier I went along with her lies.I had gotten tired of following her around,I had comfirmed my fears.So I dont know how often they fucked but I knew she was being fucked atleast thrice a week.I let go of everything and accepted it,after some time I owned that shit,the guilt,the depression.I dont know if its becouse I was chatting with kevins wife,I had thought of trying to wooe her,but I hard one principal in life from when I was in college,never to ever fuck or engage a married woman,that was one of my principals.So I was kinda not interested,but I was thinking about it now,furthermore mine was being screwed.
So as I was saying,I let go of all the pain,and I freed myself.I would call my wife knowing very well she is not at work.But she always lied,and when she did that I,would just smile.When she would just come home,I would ask trick questions,and just look at her trying really hard to mask everything.I didnt have a care in the world now.
My kids where alright,I was there for them,I would always try to give them my best and my time,my wife on the other hand,she continued with her ways,and I,continued loving her.
Let me just say,after I got peace of mind,everything started to fall into place,a sudden urge,to do everything right was born,I becoame very aggressive,at work,deals would fall into place and I would make serious mulla,I dont know where this streak came from,I remember,I placed some bets on my sportpesa app and I worn a clean 67k,life was becoming easier.And with the peace that I had,I started concentrating,trying to win affections of my gorgeous wife back.
One sunny sunday,after talking and chating with Kevin's wife the previous night,she sent me a text,she wanted to know what I was doing that day.I told her that I was doing nothing much,just was going to relax at home,my manly insticts suddenly kicked in,and out of nowhere,asked her what she was doing herself and if we could meet.she said yes.......i smiled...the smile you smile when you are about to do something naughty..........
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Part 8
So me ndo uyo! hadi bafu,I shower faster faster,and put on some nice clothes,nice cologne,brush my teeth hurriedly and and just as am finshing,my phone buzzes,its a text from Kevin's wife,"by the way tunameet where,nikupate where na saa ngapi"i read.I smile goofly,and reply the text,I tell her where to meet.And its on.My wife was not in that day,she said she had gone to work sijui kulikua na a meeting uko kwao,I wondered,how a meeting would be scheduled on a sunday,but I guessed due to the nature of her work(she worked in the hotel industry),it must be true.I didnt have a care in the world,I know they had gotten used to fucking,I was at peace with that becouse,she was a grown up,and she was the one doing it.By the way I have gone through your comments,and I can see som of y'll dont believe me,some are even asking me how I could stand and see my wife being pumped by another guy.I did see and witness,I even have proof of the video.But I cant post it noooo,I cant.You see when your partner starts to cheat,you are usually the last person to discover and by then they would have fucked so many times,so that they become careless with themselves,they no longer hide,and your friends alert you.By the time you read a text from your baes phone,or a whatsapp msg that they forgot to delete,they would have fucked so many times.So I had seen all this evidence and had done my investigations to witnessing what they have been doing made nor difference.So interfearing would have been nonsensical.There is nothing as dangerouse as you cornering someone(your wife or parner)in a precarious situation it always ends in disaster,shame,unwarranted drama,and things cannot be mended afterwards....I intended to try to save mine,and in return,have my sweet calculative revenge.
Back to my story now.I made sure everything was fine and that the kids and the house help where sorted,and shot out of my house,in a matter of minutes 45 to precise I was in town,I called Kevin's wife and she also had just arrived in town,we met in a restaurant somwher in the cbd.
Damn she was hot.she looked so yummy,she had curves in all the right places a nice smile and grate natural high,her skin colour was just perfect,not brown not black just in there between.I hugged her and I mumbled sweet little nothings like a tenager.She smiled.
We talked and talked and talked,it become obvious that she was lonely,I asked her about her husband,and she told me that,he was just there,she didn't care about her,I also gave my story ommiting the cheating part.And our realities aligned pefectly,we where both sad,and both wanted that feeling of being wanted and loved.For married people who are starting to go outside of their unions,it gets very easy to start off things,they dont mince words,and every question is expected.So me and her fitted perfectly.we met over and over,and talked alot more,we where so attracted to each other,we would even call each other at night text each other.when I had a feeling that my wife was with kevin, I would text kevins wife and chat the whole day ,we would even sexchat...mypain subsided,now I didn't care completely what my wife was doing,though I loved her still.
Now a day came when we where to meet,we where ready,she was even the one insisting that we meet,I guess she needed some love so bad like I did.....dryspel ilikua inamumaliza,so kevin was not servicing her woman becouse she was busy servicing at 10 on a Saturday we met in town.................
Part 9 loading.......
Part 9 and wet
Kevin's wife,was hot,she was the kind of woman,you would want to follow behind,she had a nice waist that was temting me to hold her everytime I came close to her,her eyes so warm,the sort of eyes that would sooth you after a hard days work.Her smile warmed my heart,there was a way her mouth formed those sweet words,so sexy,her lips where so juicy I found myself looking at them.Everything of hers,was just perfect,I would look at her bosom,then get distracted by ger eyes ,then her figure.She was beutiful,comparing her to my wife,my wife now was a goddess.Shit they where/are very beautiful all in their own way(did I just say that?)
So we had early lunch,talked a little,just small talk,and then the main talk.My blood was starting to move in all ther required places, a rush of blood.Kevin's wife noticed how,I was looking at her and she would just smile,and laugh.I was having trouble trying to pull her in with my lines,she was damn sexy.As if by instincts,and by just looking at each other we stood up,I wasnt a gentleman I didn't even pull the chair for her,I just went ahead and her following behind like a faithful help.We went down mfangano street,to where my wife was smashed,I dont know maybe they had changed venue but as if by instict I chose this guest house.Before we enterd,I looked back at kevins wife,for comfirmation,she smiled and looked down.That was it,I grabbed her hand,so confidently.And went straight to the room attendants desk,paid for a room and and we went straigh up the stairs to the room,oppend it,and I usherd her in.As she walked past me,I gazed at her ass, damn,it was so perfect I almost grabbed it.while still looking at it,I closed the door.
We stood there looking at each other,my heart pounding with excitement,I came close to her she took a step forward dropped her hand bag.We kissed,for like 10minutes(remember I had told you,that when people in marriage unions decide to cheat they do it with so much ease,hakuna kuogopana)I undressed her,she did the same to me,waaah she was even hotter,everything remaind in its place,so firm.
She surprised me,she went down on me,and I felt her soft juicy lips engulf my already erect ngwated hands akimbo,I looked down at her,I felt like a god,looking down at his minions,I had the power,I felt nice,she worked on me so good,I would hold the back of her head and press her against my crotch,she would take it all in,I guess that was my first throat fuck.I pulled her up,and touched her perfect breast,while doing this I remembered how kevin touched my wife's boobs,and I was motivated,I sucked her boobs,I lifted her in the middle of a dip kiss,her legs wrapped around my waist,her wet pussy already touching my now angry,,,very angry,tarimbo.I slowly placed her on the bed an licked her fat pussy,it was nice her labia minora where greeting my sucking lips,I moved along her and touched kissed her boobs,i looked at her eyes while she lay on her back,she smiled,her breast where not sprawled they where just firm even so good,i run my hands all over her body,up from her waist to her boobs,kneading her boobs,caressing herr she moaned, then I went back to sucking her pussy,she arched back,she held my head and pressed my head so hard on her croch I couldn't breath,she was cumming,she vibrated I licked her so vigorously,and with a moanful shout,she came,she scratched my unoiled back,and pressed me tightly,I was not done with her,I positioned my self perfectly and slid eat in,slowly steadily I began to pump,with each increase in pace,I would remember kevin and my wife,and increase speed.I ate her for so long she came two more times,shit I was enjoying this she had so much vigour she had missed sex so much. She came over me,her ass spread on my hips her cunt on my tarimbo,she took hold of my penis rubbed it a little,and sat on it....fuck! She wad good she rolled it rammed it fucked me so hard,she rode me till I lost control,I couldn't hold it any longer,and she new it,she rummed her firm ass on my crotch my tarimbo always finding its way,she was so tite I fucking loved it, I came,she bent over and kissed me then the laid on my chest .we did it in the shower ,on the bed by the window,ka standing kwa mlango,waaah ilikua mauwano.I came so many times I lost count,my my mjulus was aching aki,but I pressed on.
Just as I was untop of her giving my all and her gladly receiving it, her phone vibrated we ignored it,but it continued vibrating for some minutes,she had to take the phone and was kevin her husband calling her.I reduced speed enuf to let her accept the call(she did accept the call amidst the panting,something that surprised me)As they talked I would slide in so deep and look her make a frown face as she was talking to her husband,I felt nice,really nice actually I came came so hard and long while they talked,she hard to put the phone away,shit I felt nice.
Int course of a few weeks this was repeated,every Saturday and sunday was our fuck day except when she had wife had no clue but I wished she new.One mondey morning I was at work happily dong my work all smilly,I received a call,it was a distrout males voice,it sounded so angry,the guy identified himself as kevin,fuck it was kevin,,..........shit..........this shit was gonna have nuts in it................
Part 10 loading
Part 10
I froze,after a few seconds of silence I said hello,kevin started of by asking if I was njiriri,I said yes,he asked how I was I replied that I was veeery good.He went silent for a minute."Do you know a lucy?",he asked."whick lucy?,I know so many lucies"I replied.He went on to explain and describe his wife,I just listened,then I said I know her and she is a very good friend of mine,he asked me why I was sexting his wife all the time,I asked him if it was bad to do that and in an angry voice he told me that she was his wife and I should stop calling and texting her all the time,he hung up.I just sat there looking at my phone not feeling a thing,then a text came through,"what have you been doing with my wife you asshole?"I looked at the text and smiled,I decided to play with his mind,I asked him what he thought I was doing with his wife,he didnt text back.
He called again,this time I was ready for him,"whats your problem boss?,"he barked."I just miss your wife's cunt"' I blatted out.I guess that took him by surprise,because he stammered as he tried to speak,wwwhhhaaat,,,ati ati ati at nin ninninninni,I repeated my answer.He hang up.I inhaled in deeply and out,and waited for him to call me.He never did.I imagined the problems now lucy was facing,and I felt sorry for her,and at the same time satisfied.For a week lucy never called me nor did I call her,but I would text her and ask if she was o.k,she would just blue tick me and I would just smile.Meanwhile my wife suddenly started coming home early,she suddenly was giving me some attention asking me questions she never bothered to ask,I guess alikua amepewa half time na kevin,and now she was responding to me.I didnt mind,I would just reply,we started talking,she would text so many times during the day,and I would just follow her lead let her have her way.
Little would she know,the shit storm that I had created would blow up in her face like an atomic bomb,and I would be very far to avoid the splatter of that shit and piss,
The next couple of days things where normal,my wife comformed,she became so submissive to me,that she thought everything,was o.k.
We would make love so many times and I would pound her like nobody's business.I would hatefuck her,and she seemed to like it.
All the while,I was contemplating on telling her that I knew about her and kevin,and even show her the video,if she denied it.
Dont get me wrong I still loved my wife but,I was gona make her suffer in due time.My patience is like that of a crocodile,a croc can stay still for days waiting for its prey,and if that fails,it learns its preys movements and drinking point for days even months,when it decides to strike,its often quick and lethal to the prey.
I was beginning to get worried for lucy Kevin's wife,so I called not knowing,if she would pick.She surprisingly picked,we talked,she was stressed,she asked if we could meet intown,and I agreed,without a care in the world.Again on a sunday afternoon,we met,I didn't t expect much to happen,and I was not even interested,my next phase of revenge was falling in place.
She looked beautiful as always but this time she was not smiling,I asked her what was wrong and she told me how her husband had stumbled apone our sexchats.I just looked at her,I pretended to to care.She started sobbing,and I hugged her kevin was treating her so bad,my plan activated,I told her everything about kevin and my wife,she couldn't believe it,I even showed her the video.She become so thoughtful and sad,she looked at me with sad eyes asked me if I had done all this just to get back at my wife.I said yes.She went silent,looked down,but she didnt cry.
We tried to justify everything but I couldn't.The to my surprise she asked if we could go to the usual was late around 5pm but I agreed ..........
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Part 11
We got into the room,the atmosphere was tense,we where silent just watching each other,lucy was almost tearing,she would occasionally,wipe her tears from the corners of her eyes,I got close to her,I hagged her,she broke into tears ,she pressed her head on my chest and sobbed,really sobbed.I dont know what I was feeling,I was horny and at the same time I felt sad for her,her heart was broken,I could feel the pain,the heartache she was feeling.She cried so much I just parted her back,then the crying stopped,we just sat there hugging so tightly,I felt her pacing heart.She stood up and went to the mirror,looked at herself,I stood up and worked towards her,I hugged her from behind.She leaned back,and tilted her head,she held my hands,and moved them to her nice cleavage,with both hands I held he breast,I kissed her.She turned, we kissed,for like 20 minutes we kissed.I snaked my hands to her backside,with one hand unhooked her bra,she looked at me,I stopped I didn't know why she halted,she pushed me so that i went close to the bed.She pushed me again and I fell on the bed.Right infront of my eyes,she undressed,slowly,looking at me.Her eyes had turned,by now my dick was throbbing.Naked she she came untop of me and unbackled my belt,she removed my trouser and my boxers,held my dick and started rubbing it.
I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and we moved further up the bed.I had never seen this side of her,she blowed me so well,while looking at me,then kissed me all over,she then turned,and I could see her pussy from the rear,I took hold of her ass and brought it closer to my mouth,I licked her,as she blowjobed me.she was moaning and I felt so fucking good,she then turned and slide my dick in so deep,and she looked at me.with a sweet soft voice,she told me that day I was gonna be hers,and if I wanted I could have her the whole night.Like me she didint care,"what about your husband,"you have to go home.She looked at me and told me that I shouldn't mind,and that maybe he was fucking my wife at that very moment.
We made love,she rode me so hard it was like she was possesed,I just enjoyed the damn moment.
Unlike lucy who had just found out,bout her husband and my wife,my wife didn't have a clue bout any of this,and I was gonna keep it that way,she was gonna know about it in the next phase of my eventual revenge.
It was now 8 pm,and phones would start ringing anytime,but we didnt care,at around 8:20 pm her husband called her,he actually called while we where in the shower,she didnt answer.After resting a few minutes we would start all over again,its like we where on viagra,while I was pounding her he called again,I was about to stop to allow her to pick the phone,she didnt want me to, she locked me with her legs and commanded me not to stop,I faithfully obeyed,I continued pounding her while her husband called.
At around 10pm as we where resting on each others body,all tired glistening with sweat,I explained to her realistically how it was not a good idea for as to spend the night,although she vehemently refused,I managed to convince her when,I mentioned her kids.So we fucked some more,bathed and came out the room.I escorted her to odeon,we said our goodbyes as she boarded a mat to her home.
I went home.
I knew I had started fire in kevins home,and in the course of the week the fire would burn brighter.
At home my wife was waiting for me,I arrived and lovingly she hugged me,I just looked at her,she went to run the shower for me and put food on the table,I showed and ate,as she looked at me,we sat side by side,she fed me,I was surprised.I guessed her and kevin where over.I had to be sure.Over the next week she treated me like a king and I was happy,I loved this woman so bad,but the thought of her and kevin would quickly dissolve that feeling,all the same I loved her.
One weekend I was home,lucy had gone to her shags I guess,things got worse for I dint have anywhere to go,she prepared the kids(my wife that is),and took them to her aunt's place,she released the househlp and we where left alone,I know how this was gonna go, you all know.we had steamy sex,over and over,then as we where resting,her on my chest,I asked her who kevin was(talk of the ultimate mood killer)She froze,her heart beat increased......................
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She looked at me surprised,I looked back,at her right in her eyes and asked her again.She work up sat,and aked me why I was asking about a collegue,I looked at her,sternly I shot the first round,"The guy you have been having an affair with",I said,calmly.She become defensive,and arrogant,said so many things mara unanishuku kwanini?,sijui mara hunitrust,sijui he is just a friend.I told her I knew they where having an affair and that I had checked her phone and saw the text msgs.wah!itslike I had barked up the wrong tree,insults started flowing every where,words came from her mouth like shit from ass.I had anticipated all this and had known she was gonna react like this.I kept quiet,and watched her as her not so beutiful side imaged,I just watched her camly,I did not raise my voice I would try to talk and she would interupt me.when she would keep quiet I would shoot another bullet,"How long have you been cheating on me?"wwweeuh! Eheehh she would seem as if she wanted to jump up into the air,she would stamp her feet and swear that she was doing no such thing,I would just watch her and wait till she finished.
My wife was a drama queen we would argue and she would turn everything around and the blame would me mine,I often found myself apologising for her,mistakes.But not that day,I was so prepared every insult she threw,bouced of me.Everytime we had an argument,she would threaten me that she would go,she would go and start parking an I would literally beg her on my knees not to leave me,I guess I was smitten,I dearly loved this woman,but that day I was another upgraded version of me,and I liked me,the new version.She argued and I would just listen,and I would shoot another bullet,"How long have you been fucking,and how is his dick is it better than mine,what did you lack in me or this house that you went for kevin,did you enjoy as you where being fucked by him?,"I barked.That did it,Now you are calling me a whore,"How many men have I slept with ndio uniite malaya?"she asked,quickly I replied,"I know one,kevin"....Wahh by now her voice was shaky,she was starting to break,Its like a big light was glaring at her and she had nowhere to hide.She clicked,and said that she is packing and that she cant stay with a man accusing her of being a whore,she turned and went to her room, she went her ass rolling violently,I guessed she was going to pack,she was.
My next phase activated,i switched on the t.v,then quickly scrolled my phone to the multiscreen section,turned it on,Searched for my telly and connected to it,everything on my phone now mirrored on my t.v,I went to the video section and played,the video,added the volume full blust so she could here from the bedroom,The video was of her and kevin fucking,the one I took earlier.I know waited............
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Part 13
The air was filled by the sound of a woman,erotically moaning with pleasure,I waited for her.I looked in the direction of our bedroom and I saw her standing,her mouth agape,she looked for the remote to try and switch of the t.v,but she couldnt even move,the video lasted 18minutes,18 minutes of agonising shame,all I did was look at her study her face,and look at her as she started to shrink,her temper dissolved,her arrogance vanished.She sat on the cold floor just looking at me,she attempted to stand up,she couldn't.
I switchd of the t.v,and looked at her,she couldn't even look at me.I stood up,as if to go outside,and quickly,she crawled,towards me,on her knees,with her sad big eyes,she begged for forgivenes,I looked down at her,she looked so deafeated,she was crying,"Babey its not what you think,wooie,"she would repeat again and again.Looking at her while she was kneeling down,made me feel powerful,like a demi god.As I moved towards the door she begged me to forgive her,I looked at her helped her up,held her hugged her as she sobbed,then looked straight into her eyes,"I forgive you I said"Then pushed her aside opened the door and went outside,I I walked I looked at her staring at me,sobbing softly,I looked at her,and continued walking.I did not return,that day I slept alone in the guest room,lost deep in though,all the feelings,all the pain,that I had blocked away,suddenly came crushing down on me.The feeling of hurt,resurfaced.I wept.I did not sleep that day.Over the next couple of days,I slept in the guest house,I didnt have a change of clothes,that didnt matter,I only showered,I didnt even go to work.The reality had finally sank in,I was about to loose my family,I hated myself,for revenging,I thought of lucy,where was she right now,I called her.We talked,she was o.k.
After a week or so I went home,nobody was home.I opened the door with my spare key,and went in.Nothing much,but signs that no one had lived there for some days where evident,I went to my bedroom,strangely I did not even notice that her clothes where missing not until I lied on the bed.
I lived alone in that deserted home for a month,when my wife bailed,the school holidays where just around the corner,so I didnt worry about the kids missing school.Now I had stayed for a month without seeing my gorgeous beutiful wife,I missed her,I loved her,now and then I would pick my phone and try to call her, but I would put it down and,just try to forget about it,I would sometimes sleep hungry,not becouse I couldn't go out and eat something or cook,I would just forget.At night whenever I would feel lonely I would call lucy,we would talk into the night,my wife would text,but I would not reply,she would call,but I would let the phone ring till she would get tired.Lucy would make my nights,sometimes I would ask about her husband,but she would tell me they where done,sometimes I would feel sorry for the broke,then remember him with my wife,and I would set up a date,and fuck the bekevin out of her,slowly and steadily,I had uninstalled,all that was Kevin and installed all that was me into her I mean all.I actually started seeing some kind of life,me and lucy together,but I would brush the thought aside,it was just the effect if fucking lucy too much.Kevin would call me and insult me so much,but I didnt mind,I would just shut him up by telling him that iam enjoying his wife just as he did mine,and that it was my turn,i would tell him something about her wifes body,that only he knew,he would switch of his phone.I guess he would cry,or think of commiting suicide,I don't know,but i didn't care.Schools reopenned,and my kids had to come back,the house help also reported back,this time she had changed,she would move around the house like she owned the place,she would roll her firm full luo buttocks and I would just look at her,sometimes I would even laugh silently(talk of dangling a fresh piece of meet in front of hyna)But with the way I was getting exhausted almost everyday by lucy,I dint even look at her twice.she would get mood swings and an attitude when she served me food she would make sure that she ate with me,when kids would retire to bed,she would try to engage in small talk,but at this particular time I didnt want any other dramma esp not with a house help,that was not in my priorities.I think my wife thought I was screwing the maid,so every night she would try to call me,eventually I started picking her calls.we started talking,she sounded so sorry,she missed me I missed her,we would speak more often now.One month after schools where reopened,she returned.The day she returned I was actually with lucy,when she called I was with lucy,actually lucy aswered the call from her while I was taking a shower,I asked who it was and she brought the phone to me.With a cool and calm voice she asked the time I was gonna arrive home,and what I wanted to eat,she didn't even ask about the woman I was with,and I didn't even feel guilty.Lucy was surprised, that my wife was back.
After another steamy session with Kevin's wife i went home,to my wife......
We talked after supper,everything she confessed everything,and I forgave her,she asked about the woman I was with,I looked at her and told her it her lovers wife.I saw her feel sad,yet she codnt say anything about that.For the next one month life was rossyy for me,I had lucy and my wife and herhusband knew about it.He didnt do a thing ,although at night I always saw myself beeing hacked to death with a machet,by kevin.
I think kevin moved to another toen I guess,his wife made it clear that they where over.
Its been now 4months since all that,i have my wife (who is so remorseful) and lucy,my wife knows when am not with her am with lucy,and she has never told me to stop,how can she,,,lucy is two months pregnant with my child...........I have rented her a house in the next estate,,,I see her whenever I want......


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