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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Here is what actually During commercial Break Before jeff Koinange terminated his interview with sonko

Kenyans were keenly watching the unfolding feud between, Nairobi governor,Mike mbuvi sonko and Nairobi women rep, Esther passaris.

Esther passaris is in New York, attending a women's conference.
Early during the week,they had clashed in jamhuri day celebration,later that day sonko released a tape allegedly from passaris begging for money and love from him.
Today sonko,came to citizen tv armed with pictures,video and documents tainting the image of passaris.
He was ready to show videos and private conversation between,him and the women rep but citizen tv could not allow.

They tried to convince him , during the break, but sonko heard non of it ,he was adamant and ready to leak the probate and confidential information.
He even stopped listening as seen in the photos below.This forced Jeff and the producers to cancel the interview.

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