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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Here is unknown details about Jacque Marine Ex boyfriend and father to her first child

The private life of news achor Jacque Maribe has become the subject of discussion since she became a suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani. Nosy journalists have penetrated her private life in efforts to truly unmask the true identity of who Jacque Maribe is. As it is the norm with public figures, the line between your private life and public life becomes thinner every second as your star shines. The newsreader, who is a mother of one, has been accused of being an accessory to the murder in which her lover Joseph Irungu is the key suspect. Jacque got her baby back in 2014 and has been raising him as a single mother. The curtains have, however, dropped on who fathered the baby boy who has become Jacque’s ‘everything’. According to sources who spoke to the Nairobian, the father of the child is none other than comedian Eric Omondi. Jacque is said to have been so romantically in love with the rib cracker that her world collapsed when he dumped her. According to sources, nothing captures the mad love Jacque was having for Erico like this photo! ​ “Her baby daddy is Eric Omondi, but he bailed out on her and this profoundly affected her” a friend of the two ex-lover told the nairobian. The paper said Omondi confessed to knowing Jacque’s son’s biological father. “I know the baby daddy, however, it is not a good time to reveal him since Jacque is undergoing a difficult time,” he said when contacted. The good news, the source said, is that Omondi is not a deadbeat father as he has been reportedly co-parenting with Jacque.

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