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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Here is Translation of Uhuru Kenyatta attack on deputy president Ruto and tangatanga team today In kasarani

Uhuru Kenyatta hit out at his deputy today.Ruto was also present in the meeting, Ruto was watching keenly and smiling sheepishly as the President ranted at his tanga tanga movement.
Uhuru Kenyatta was addressing the crowd in Kikuyu. Here is direct translation of what the president said today.
"These thugs that we elected are busy politicking. They should not think I am their boy (kihii directly translated is an uncircumcised boy)...they will not stop me from constructing roads. They didn't look for votes on my behalf. I went looking for my votes. These taka taka should stop bothering me. They should not think they are threatening me. I will flush them out from where they are. That is why I stopped bothering with newspapers or those Facebooks of theirs"

Uhuru Kenyatta is likely to endorse another person for 2022.
His new formed political alliances with Raila has caused political jitters in jubilee.

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