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Friday, 14 June 2019

Details about lady who sold deputy president maize emerge,Was it real or just PR?

ODM and NASA political bloggers  are
having a fun linking the woman,who sold deputy president William Ruto maize to harambee house lady ,working for deputy president ,William Ruto.

According to them, the  hawker is one Esther ‘Essy’ Okenyeru who works as one of the officers in one of the directorates and has been an employee at the DP’s office since 2018.
But now we can authoratively confirm that  all those are lies.
The lady in question, is a real hawker.
Here is an interview she gave to NTV,
Speaking exclusively to NTV, the vendor recounted how things unfolded that Sunday. She was going about her business as usual when she saw motorbikes pass and then a convoy of SUV's stopped some few metres away from her business.A group of people disembarked from the SUV's and started moving towards her."I was afraid and I wanted to run away but then I saw the Deputy President and decided to stay. He greeted me and told me he wanted to buy my maize. He then dug into his pocket and removed seven thousand and said that amount could not buy the maize and went on to add three thousand to make it ten thousand shillings," Atieno said.While the amount she received from the deputy president helped her with paying rent and school fees for her kids, Eunice says she hasn't had peace.
She went ahead to claim that neighbours have been disturbing her claiming deputy president gave her 300,000.

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