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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

8 naughty Nairobi women describe how it feels to have sex with a Maasai man

Naughty Kenyan women discuss how it feels to have sex with a Masai man

A twaddle of Kenyan women on social media recently discussed how it feel to go to bed with a Masai man.
In a country of more than 43 tribes, the battle of the men who work the pestle more rages hard and frequent.

This is what the women said from experience:
Marangu: Nilishindwa kuvumilia the thing was too long nikama ilikua inaingia mpaka kwa tumbo
Kash : mine was educated,loaded but a cheat.kazi ilikua kuniambia "Ero!Receive woman,am cumming receive,hii k*ma nitaimaliza leo,nitakua nakut*mba kabisa peke yako!"wacha atoke hapo,anaenda kuambia another woman receive!but i blieve kuna wazuri.haki huwa namkumbuka najipata nikicheka kama fala

Sonnie: Most of them are players especially the educated and loaded ones, but down there they are extra awesome
Muchiri: Was married to one,he was loaded and a shock of the year after realising tuko wanawake sita,I give up in moved on peacefully. Some are beautiful liers just like other tribes

Olum :Never dated any simply bcoz of the thought that the dudu is xxxxxl
Gift: I have they are generous, protective of their womem and their mtree has ngwati (sp) #hides
Ndiema: They are okey alafu akuweamesoma am sabaot so a know
Ngetich: wpooiii I can't imagine, he will make you feel like you the queen, kumbe someone else is told the same somewhere

Essy: hahahaha i died...suva..naeka naskia raha mpka kwa haga...aki men will go to hell

Muhoho: bora c mwenye amekuja nairobi juzi they are hard to tame,he is likely to be overwhelmed by everything he sees
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