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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Woman who killed baba junior finally speaks on what happed that night and why she is innocent

Kenyans yesterday work up to news that baba junior was dead.
Baba junior was popular for his role in ktn TV program known as junior which he acted as baba junior and as baba prince in ntv Auntie boss TV program.
He also acted as judge in vioja mahakamani.
It was alleged that a woman by the name grace kanamu stabbed him on the stomach.
The woman has now come clean and said that she is innocent
The woman, identified as Grace Kananu Namulo, explained that the KTN's Junior actor fell on the kitchen knife.
“Mr Gadafi accidentally fell on the kitchen knife when the argument we were having got heated. It’s not true that I killed him," she stated.
She said that they had an argument with baba junior and he accidentally fell on a kitchen knife.
She said that he found him writhing in pain in the kitchen.

Police had earlier confirmed that the woman indeed killed her boyfriend.
Here is what is on police files

"It was reported that Jamal Nassul Gaddafi (39), was having a party at Arks Hotel near 67 Airport Hotel on the night of December 11, 2018. There was a quarrel between him and his friend Grace Kanamu Namulo (40). She picked a knife and stabbed him," read part of the police report. 

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