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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Why Jacque Maribe friends removed her from Most Whatsapp groups After she was arrested for murder

Details have emerged of how Jacque Maribe was quickly removed from most groups she was a member after she was arrested for Monica kimani murder.
Her friends have revealed details that they received strange messages.
After Jacque Maribe was arrested her phone was confiscated for forensic analysis.
It was during this time that her friends were forced to remove her as they started receiving strange messages and yet Jacque was in prison.
They also felt that a third eye was watching what they were discussing and they could not risk their private matters being leaked to the public.
Jacque Maribe was remanded for over 1 month but judge Joshua wakiangi released her after he found no compelling reason that Jacque Maribe will jump bail.
The murder trial will resume June next year.
Jowie, her fiance is incarcerated in kamiti maximum prison.

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