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Monday, 10 December 2018

What mzee Moi eats every day for long life His aide reveals

Mzee Moi has lived a long life and Kenyans keep wondering how he manages all this.
Kenyans had a belief that he manages a this by observing a keen diet but his aide Lee njiru says otherwise.
Lee njiru who has been Moi aide since he ascended to presidency says that Moi still eats meat and does not eat vegetables only as Kenyans had believed for a long time.
"His family is known for longevity. They live long. I have heard people say that Moi does not eat meat, but the centrality of Moi’s food is meat. Other things like vegetables are additions like vegetables and ugali are additions.”

“He slaughters an animal every day, mostly merino sheep. His is not a matter of food, but genetics. Let people not cheat you, Moi eats meat like a lion,” Njiru said

Moi has genes which allows him to leave long.
And its is olso seen on Gideon Moi who is 55 but looks still young and fresh.

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