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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Video :Beautiful Nairobi slay queen stealing Samsung S8, She is also wanted for other robbery cases

"So I saw a clip of Heather Wanjeri and It hit me she is the same lady wanted and being searched by Kasarani Police for Stealing 2 laptops, 32' Inch Hisense TV, 1grey HP laptop, 1 black lenovo new laptop, LG DVd player and a 6kg Hashi gas cylinder. She is a Criminal.But comes out as a reserved God Fearing lady...let's put her to a story"

This is what a close friend of Heather wanjeri who is currently being searched by the police.
Heather was captured on CCtv camera stealing a Samsung Phone.
Those who know her say she portrays herself as a religious lady and that she was the chairman of CU while in high school.
She comes out as a very religious person and will steal and never be suspected.
Kenyans were shocked after her photos were shared yesterday.
Here is an exclusive video 9f Heather stealing and her photos


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