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Monday, 24 December 2018

Uproar as all 178 students in a school score E

Kenyans on social media were angared after all students in a school in Western province scored E.
Amina Mohammed released the KCSE results few days ago and since then Kenyans have been on celebrations.
The results were an improvement from last year's KCSE results.
Amina Mohammed when making the announcement said that 20000 more students qualified to join university.
Today Shikalame boys has been  Trending on social media; Shikalame boys results : A 0, A-0, B+0, B 0, B-0, C+ 0, C 0, C-0, D+0, D 0, D-0, E 178 Mean Score 1.001 E.
Shikalame boys is a school in Western Kenyans, it is located in mumias.
Kenyans wondered what the 178 students and their teachers were doing all year round.
The teachers of this school should be  called to explain the mass failure.

Below is a breakdown of this year KCSE results. 

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