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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Afadhali wazee Uhuru kenyatta explains why He chose 91 year old Moody Awori for top Job

Uhuru kenyatta appointed Moody Awori to the board of sports management yesterday.
He came under heavy criticism from Kenyans for appointing a 91 year old man who should be enjoying retirement peacefully and leaving behind youthful Kenyans.
But today Uhuru kenyatta has finally spoken and wondered why Kenyans are critizing him.
He said that an old man like Moody Awori will not steal public money compared to younger people.
Mimi afadhali nikae na huyo mzee achunge hiyo pesa itumike vile inatakikana. ama mnasema aje jameni?” posed President Kenyatta.
Uhuru kenyatta was making reference to other people who he has appointed to the same position but were caught up in graft. 
Uhuru kenyatta said its better that we give Moody Awori the chance to take care of the youth fund money as it has been stolen Previously. 
Those who has been appointed to the youth fund had previously Been rocked by graft and corruption. 

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