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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The day Deputy president Ruto Tore and trashed a letter wrote to him by Matiangi

The battle of supremacy between deputy president Ruto and Fred Matiangi did not start recently.
The two have been having cold war for the longest time.
Matiangi is regarded as one of the most powerful cabinet secretaries in Uhuru kenyatta government.
The deputy president and Matiangi were engaged in viscous fight over supply of police uniforms.
CS Matiang’i has however stood his ground and insisted that he will not be arm twisted to make decisions that are likely to lead to the loss of funds.
Their fight started in 2016,Ruto and most kalenjin Governors were opposed with Matiangi choice of eldoret campus vice chancellor nominee.
Matiang’i had appointed Ayiro to replace outgoing VC Richard Mibey whose term ended had ended.
But most uasingishu governor led by mandago and elgeyo marakwet talgoos were opposed to the move.
They wanted Issac kosgei who had topped recruitment interviews appointed.
It was then that Matiangi Was intrustructed by Ruto to appoint kosgei.
Matiangi wrote a letter to Ruto.
The CS then wrote a letter instructing himself to appoint Kosgey and wanted the DP to sign it. Ruto took the letter and tore it up,” a source in the Office of the President said.

There is no love between Matiangi and Ruto.
Matiangi also has presidential ambitions and hopes his track record will propel him to the top seat.

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