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Friday, 21 December 2018

Story of josephat Mwangi, He scored 278 in KCPE and ended getting A- in KCSE despite poor background (Photos)

Today while Amina Mohammed was announcing KCSE results he singled out the most improved candidate.
Josaphat Mwangi scored 278 in his KCPE exams and ended up getting an A- in his KCSE exams.
We have Congratule Josaphat Mwangi from Mioro secondary school, for scoring an A- in KCSE from 278 in KCPE.
May God bless you so that in future you become a blessing to your family. Congratulations once again.
He comes from a poor background and those who know him told us that he worked very hard.
He did all his best and managed to pass with flying colors.
Josephat is a classic example of how hard work and determination pays.
The fact that he scored 278 in KCSE did not stop him from achieving his dreams.

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