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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Ruto forced to watch In sidelines as Uhuru and Raila walk in red carpet (Photos)

Deputy president William Ruto was forced to watch In sidelines as his party boss and Raila Odinga walked in red carpet.
Raila Odinga had for a long time himself been forced to watch as Ruto and Uhuru kenyatta enjoy the moment at the red carpet.
Raila Odinga always walked in the sidelines.
This all changed after the March 9 handshake which propelled Raila Odinga as a states man.
His recent appointment to the AU means that his political statue had grown and he will be accostomed to presidential treatment wherever he goes.
Today William Ruto did not join the two influential leaders in the red carpet.
It must have been a sign of humility and political maturity on the deputy president part.
Ruto has always been known to be a very witty politician and he knows the 9 laws of power which includes never outshine your master.
Here are exclusive photos
Last photo is of Raila Odinga walking on the sidelines on Uhuru kenyatta first term in office as Uhuruto enjoy moment of power.

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