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Monday, 3 December 2018

Rosemary Odinga Biography:White Ex Boyfriend,Husband photos, Children photos, Education, Illness and Blindness

Rosemary Odinga was one of the most ambitious of the Odinga family.
Being very eloquent and highly Active politically she was poised to take over after Raila Odinga retires from active politics.
She was to run for kibera parliamentary seat when  tragedy struck and she became blind due to brain tumor.

Rosemary Odinga was born in the leafy suburbs of kileleshwa, she born in 1977, when she was only 5 years old she was separated from her father as moi arrested and detained Raila without trial.
By then rosemary Odinga was schooling in kileleshwa, After the arrest of their father, life became hard for the Odingas, and their mother Ida Odinga was forced to relocate their children to a cheaper school with cheap school fees, they moved to a public catholic school in west lands. The name of school was consolata primary school.
She later moved to America for her college studies.

Work And Career
While in the USA rosemary Odinga worked on odd jobs before finishing college, Her jobs included housekeeping, mailroom attendant and she also worked as an intern associate. She later worked for three years at Western Union, Texas as a marketing representative for the African Diaspora. She returned home in 2007 after 10 years of study and work in the US, Rosemary founded and served as the chief executive officer of the Raila Odinga Centre (ROC), a foundation focusing on youth and education in East Africa.

Rosemary Odinga love life is an open book, she has never had a successful marriage, while studying in America She met a white boyfriend who immediately dumped her after  she became pregnant, Rosemary Odinga used to love her husband very much and she became depressed after he left him.
She later recovered from the depression
Rosemary came back to Kenya and went I to a relationship with a young businesses man She later became pregnant and was dumped again.
She has never been successful in terms of relationship.
Rosemary Odinga was also linked to Michael okwiri a successful business man who used to work as a manager in airtel, Rosemary Odinga is said to be the main reason Michael cancelled their much publicized wedding with Debra sanipei.

Blindness and illness
Rosemary became blind last year after suffering a brain tumor.
She underwent surgery in South Africa to save her life, unfortunately she became blind after the surgery.
She now living as blind woman and has begun accepting her current situation.

First photo :Rosemary Odinga and Michael Okwiri 

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