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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Photos :Kisumu lady who burnt herself and two kids after husband was planning to marry second wife

A Kisumu lady shocked the nation yesterday after she locked herself in a room together with her two kids and set the house a blaze.
Fear engulfed otongolo village in Kisumu County after the woman only identified as rukia committed the heinous act.
Kisumu location Chief, Simon Osege Orwa, confirmed the incident and said that the woman decided to take her life and that of her innocent kids after she found out that her husband was planning to bring in a new woman to be her co-wife.
According rukia sister she had always said she was going to take her life and that of two children but they never took her seriously.
She said that they thought she was joking and never thought much obout it.
Here are exclusive photos Rukia and her two children

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