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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Most stupid criminals :Father And Daughter Murder a business man and steal his car and Go floss in the village

Kenya is full of drama. A father and daughter have been arrest by director of criminal investigations after they stole and killed a popular business man by the name George Gichibi.
George was murdered in his apartment by three people, Two male and one female.
The three were captured by CCtv cameras leaving ng the building.
Mr. Charles Macharia & his daughter Ms.Jane Wanjiku-a waitress at a Hotel in Nanyuki were arrested few days ago in connection with the murder of a man in Nanyuki. The suspects were found in possession of the deceased’s M/vehicle & other electronics in their house in Gatanga.
It was alleged that police arrested them after they spotted them fueling the same car belonging to Gichibi not far from their rural village. 
Gichibi was owner of a popular club by the name checkers in Nyayuki.
The make of the car was Subaru legacy, other Items recovered from the suspects house are Samsung TV 48 inches, Hi-sense TV 42 inches ,twitter LG speakers and driving license of the deceased. Further investigation continues.


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