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Thursday, 27 December 2018

More drama :Fresh details have emerged about Lilian muli Husband, He was married to 3 American wifes

Few days ago Kenyans were shocked when Lilian muli ended her marriage with her baby daddy Jared.
Lilian muli had married Jared after ending her marriage to her first husband Kanene.
Here is what Lilian muli said about her baby daddy when he ended her marriage.

"narcissistic community husband"

Lilian muli had realized that she was not the only person In Jared ombogi life and thats why she ended the marriage.
Jared contraversial lifestyle has emerged according to records in USA court.
Jared was seeking to be a permanent resident in USA and ended up marrying three different women while trying to seek a visa

Here is a court record from an appeal by his second wife when she realized he was married to another woman.
"In 1993, Ombongi married Heather Mae Rice. In 1994, while still married to Rice, Ombongi married Layle Marie Kobow. Kobow filed a visa petition on behalf of Ombongi," reads the report
"However, when she learned that Ombongi was still married to Rice, Kobow reported Ombongi to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS)...that the marriage had been arranged by a friend with the understanding that Ombongi would help her financially," the court document shows
Ombogi now Jared nevitison was denied visa and he appealed before marrying a third wife.
The third wife filed a visa application for him saying he was forced to flee Kenya because of political unrest and that he was a member of Ford, which was the main opposition party then.
Her third wife as an American by the name Morris.
She filed the petition seeking asylum on Jared behalf.
"Ombongi stated that most of his family was in a refugee camp in Kenya and he had lost contact with them, but he believed his brother Nicholas was supporting them. Regarding Nicholas, Ombongi alleged that since he had left Kenya, his brother had been harassed, questioned by the government and robbed," the court papers showed.

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