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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Maribe is still in love with jowie, Here is what they do in the dock away from public Eye Lawyer always In court room reveals

Maribe and jowie have been the most talked couple this year.

Jowie proposed to Maribe in grand style at kempenski hotel June this year.

Maribe and jowie were later charged together for murder of Monica kimani and a case which received very much media attention.

What most people thought that Maribe hated jowie after she drugged her in a murder case.

But that is not the case, Yesterday they embraced tightly when  they met outside court room in Nairobi..

A lawyer named wahome Thuku who is always present in the court room and always observes Jacque and jowie behavior has spilled the beans.

Here is what he said about Jacque and jowie relationship.

"ONE more before I sign out. It appears that the hugging photo of Jacque Maribe and Jowie has caused jitters and envy in equal measure. Now here is one more leakage. When Iam standing here in the courtroom, Jacque and Jowie are always right below my elbow, seated together inside the dock. Hidden from cameras by the wooden ply in front of their faces. Only I can see them. Inside there, they chat and chat and chat......and chat.....just in case you thought they don't or they will never. In any case they are charged together. All Iam only trying to say that you are free to continue living in the cocoon of your thoughts, beliefs, imaginations, convictions....

people are living their livez."

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